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The 4 best employee engagement apps for 2022

The best employee engagement apps help your company reduce churn, increase productivity and simplify your work process. Which one is best for your company?


2022 promises to be another volatile year, to say the least. 

Between dealing with continued pandemic restrictions and the great recession, most companies are looking for ways to increase employee engagement and reduce churn like never before. 

Many companies have finally started investing more in apps and other technologies that keep workers connected and improve workflows and employees’ mental health.

There are many great reasons to invest in one of the best employee engagement apps, from improving employee communication to deriving actionable insights to boost productivity. 

We’ve gone through some of our top picks and explained why you should be using a mobile comms app for your organization in 2022. 

3 advantages of a mobile comms app 

When it comes down to it, the best employee engagement apps are about communication and support. With approximately 6.4 billion global smartphone users as of 2021, these solutions need to be mobile-ready to be the most effective.

Here are three advantages to mobile-friendly employee engagement tools:

1. An employee app strengthens culture

Your company culture defines your organization. A survey by Glassdoor revealed that more than half of workers believe company culture is more important than salary when it comes to job satisfaction.  

An employee app can help cultivate engaged employees and strong company culture

2. An employee app keeps everyone in the loop.

When you take advantage of an employee engagement app, frontline staff without consistent desktop access can still easily check internal docs, communicate with HR, and connect with the wider company.

Large companies benefit from a more connected staff that doesn’t feel isolated based on location. 

Similarly, it helps employees working from home feel more connected to their coworkers. Gallup found employees who work remotely 60-80% of the time are the most engaged.

However, Gallup notes that effective and frequent communication is key to keeping them in this zone.

3. Increased engagement is better for your company.

Improving the employee experience leads to higher productivity, lower absenteeism, and fewer accidents. 

Construction giant Caterpillar found increasing engagement helped save $8.8 million at one of its European factories in just one year. The company also increased satisfied customers and profits by $2 million.

Best employee engagement apps

  1. Blink
  2. Officevibe
  3. Engagement Multiplier
  4. Bonusly
  5. WeThrive

The best employee engagement solution will vary depending on your industry, the most important functionality, or the metric you want to improve. Here are our top picks for 2022.

Blink is the perfect employee online mobile app for frontline workers.

If your company is focused on frontline staff, an app tailored to engaging them will help most. Blink offers employee feeds, secure chats, and mobile access without needing a company email. 

The app helps schedule one-on-one chats, analyzes employee satisfaction, and focuses on reducing turnover. Blink also offers integrations with tools like Microsoft 365 and streamlines the employee feedback experience.

 Officevibe can act as an HR mobile app for employees and helps you connect 1 to 1 with your workers.

2. Officevibe — best employee app for HR 

Officevibe focuses on tools to help manage employees. Its pulse surveys are designed to understand your worker’s concerns and communicate more effectively.

You can schedule one-on-one meetings with team members, automate follow-ups, and discuss specific goals to empower each employee.

The app also offers tools and resources to help grow as a manager and take action based on real-time feedback.

This app is made with small businesses in mind and is a great employee onboarding app for new hires.

3. Engagement Multiplier — best employee engagement app for small businesses 

Engagement Multiplier is a reasonably priced app aimed at small to medium-sized businesses. While not as in-depth as some of the other employee engagement software we mentioned, it helps new companies and startups learn more about their engagement levels. 

Features include benchmark assessments, anonymous data collection, recommended actions, and the ability to create custom employee engagement surveys. 

Bonusly is a good choice for an employee recognition app that can help with retention.

4. Bonusly — best employee app for team building 

Bonusly is all about fun employee recognition rewards. The app lets you give each employee an allowance of points that they, in turn, give to coworkers for helping them, doing a great job, or just being awesome. 

These points can be exchanged for different rewards at third-party brands or custom rewards unique to your company. This peer recognition is great for building up an engaged workforce.

These bonuses are shared in a company-wide feed so everyone can receive notifications on employee performance, plus employees get to decide who they believe is doing the most to help. 

WeThrive is another hr app for employees that creates action plans for your workers’ mental health.

5. WeThrive — best employee app for mental health support 

WeThrive is an employee engagement platform focused on the mental health of your workers. It helps you create surveys to check on employee wellness and take action to safeguard it.

You can see individual results as well as team overviews. WeThrive offers solutions for each person, from the individual who might feel overwhelmed to the manager trying to balance dozens of tasks.  

Questions worth asking to determine if you need an employee engagement app

Employee engagement apps aren’t necessary for all companies, but most can benefit by implementing one or more of them. 

You can determine if your organization would benefit from one of these apps by answering the following questions about your current communications flow.

Do we have a channel to reach everyone in real-time?

Without a way for employees to communicate with corporate, you miss out on their feedback. Landlines and email aren’t accessible to all workers. And while office workers may have the opportunity to discuss issues as they happen, this can be harder for frontline staff.

The same is true for employees who work atypical schedules or work remotely. An employee engagement app makes it easy for everyone to discuss issues as they come up.

Are employees treated equally?

Do frontline staff and office workers have the same opportunities for engagement? It may seem obvious, but a quick survey could reveal communication issues. Knowing how your employees feel now is important to improve your workplace culture.

You should focus on improving the internal communication channels and opportunities for all workers. Give credit and check-in with workers who may feel overlooked with an app that gives them more direct access to their managers.

Are key messages getting lost?

Do you have an employee intranet? Can workers access important information like sick leave rules or onboarding? 

These documents are often sensitive, and giving appropriate access is tricky. However, the right employee engagement app can let workers access the information they need and reduce friction in the organization.

Does HR spend most of its time answering the same questions? If so, an HR mobile app could help here too. Let human resources create its own FAQ post to share with the company or have direct access to HR more accessible to employees.

Final thoughts: The best employee engagement apps

An employee engagement app can be game-changing. 

Whether you’re a small office with a few dozen employees or a multinational corporation with hundreds of stores, the best employee engagement apps will offer something to help your workers feel more connected.

With many workers valuing benefits like working from home, it’s important to help remote employees stay engaged while working outside the office.

Frontline staff likewise can feel disengaged if they aren’t prioritized by HR. An employee engagement app tailored for them can make a world of difference.

Try out Blink’s communication app with a free 14-day trial.