Blink has built the world's best mobile app for frontline workers. It helps keeps them productive, trained and informed whilst transforming how they feel about work.

After decades of being inside corporate enterprises we saw an opportunity to reconnect an increasingly disenfranchised part of the workforce - frontline workers.

As the consumer world went mobile-first and 4G became prolific it was incredible to see how quickly frontline workers began to use their own tools rather than ones provided to them by the companies we worked for.

Consumer software was busy changing everyone's expectations. For the first time ever, someone with an iPhone and a data plan had more power to deliver than someone with a work-laptop on a VPN connection and a £40m a year IT department behind them.

A side effect of frontline staff avoiding work applications was that they also stopped engaging with the rest of their organisation. We all knew cases where field workers were only touching-base once a month to submit a raft of timesheets and mark 200+ emails as read.

It seemed like a huge lost opportunity to us that the employees closest to our customers were the most out of touch.

It turned out to be worse than that. It wasn't just a lost opportunity, it was a serious business risk and it was happening in every industry we could see.

Poor employee experience was costing organisations in customer experience, which was hitting their bottom line and leaving them open to disruption.

There was no product on the market that actually addressed these issues in a way that didn't fill us with dread. We didn't want another intranet, we didn't want to replace every tool we'd already invested in and we didn't want a long procurement process.

Ultimately, we founded Blink and the rest is history!

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