Blink: The Employee First Intranet App for Your Workplace

The Blink intranet app is a powerful, user-friendly workplace technology that helps remote workers stay connected

In an office, communication is constant. But when your workforce is out in the field, communication needs to be planned out and handled strategically. Blink is changing the employee experience with an intranet app that lets offline, frontline, and non-desk workers stay engaged wherever they are. It’s a next-level digital workplace.

Reduce Frustration

A mobile internal communications app helps frontline workers feel more connected with easy access to information, tools, and people. The best part? There are no workflow interruptions.

Save Time

No more app switching. No more endless file searches. No more wasted time. Blink’s intranet app is a mobile digital workplace that puts everything your employees need in one application, so they can focus on getting the job done.

Boost Productivity

Blink’s impact can be measured in productivity. It integrates with tools you’re already using on the devices your employees are most familiar with and empowers everyone in your organization to do more.

Blink’s employee app helps your deskless workforce with the tools they need to contribute to your company’s success

Why Choose an Intranet App?

When your intranet is desktop only, frontline and non-desk workers have to stop everything just to log in. Blink’s mobile internal communications app puts your digital workplace into your employees’ pockets. It’s fully functional in the field — no additional tech investment necessary.

It’s Social

Blink is a digital workplace that feels fun and familiar, so employees are more likely to log into it and to love using it. It’s enterprise communication made easy.

It’s Simple

Blink’s Hub allows employees to access, edit, and share files on the devices they’re already using, so all of your processes can run smoothly.

It’s Searchable

If it’s been mentioned in a post, added to a comment, or uploaded, your employees can find it. Blink can archive just about everything.

It’s Collaborative

Teams bring people, content, and workflows together so your company can meet more of its goals. Make collaboration effortless and reap the benefits.


A lot of employees use their personal devices at work regardless of workplace policies, which is why Blink was designed to be BYOD-friendly.

It’s Trackable

Blink’s powerful intranet features let you see how communication really flows through your organization. The end result is data-driven internal comms evolution.

Blink Enhances the Employee Experience

The employee experience matters more than most people realize. Disconnected, dissatisfied workers are more likely to look for opportunities elsewhere or to quit when the going gets rough, and replacing top talent can take a huge financial toll on your company.

Communication is only one piece of the engagement equation.

Blink helps you keep employees connected and on task by creating a digital workplace that can do more than just store documents or give remote workers a place to chat.

Our robust intranet app connects the dots between the various tools and applications your employees are already using without having to log out and log back in or even to switch between them.

With Blink, they can collaborate, check calendars, update their benefits, get schedules, receive feedback, access sales data, and communicate in all directions on the devices they feel most comfortable using. That’s important because studies show employees feel more engaged and more motivated when they can use their own devices at work. Add Zapier into the mix, and Blink gets even more powerful.

Your employees are your most important asset, so why not put everything they need to succeed in a modern digital workplace? Try Blink, and discover how a mobile intranet app can lead to more productivity and better ROI.

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