Blink helps healthcare companies keep their key workers informed.

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Hipaa compliant

For healthcare professionals

  • Easy admin: Book and swap shifts, complete digital forms, request holidays and check rotas

  • Secure messaging: Speak to colleagues in real-time, anytime – no email address or phone number required

  • Stay informed: Immediate access to equipment manuals and maintenance info, uniform order forms, and other key documents

  • Your personalized feed: Only see what's relevant to you

For healthcare organizations

  • Reduce agency fees: Save time and money with our shift booking tool

  • Keep everyone up-to-date: Flag important updates with push notifications and 'acknowledge' feature

  • Real-time communication: Reach any employee instantly, from anywhere

  • Protect your staff: Eliminate paper-based transfarence risks with digitized business processes

  • Better patient outcomes: Engaged, informed employees provide better care

HIPAA compliant app

How can we improve communication between healthcare providers?

  • Accurate reporting: Track key metrics and see a 20x increase in compliance reporting

  • Paperless processes: Digitize leave requests, uniform order forms, and shift rotas

  • Social media-style interface: A user experience your staff will be familiar with

  • Single delivery channel: Find the right contact and open up an instant message-style chat

Blink in numbers


Average app opens per day


50% increase

in approval ratings for senior management from on-the-ground workforce.


Saved in turnover costs

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