Blink helps healthcare companies keep their key workers informed.
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Connect and empower your people.

Healthcare employees are working back-to-back shifts under enormous pressure as a pandemic sweeps the globe. Employee morale and internal communications have never been so crucial in supporting your healthcare heroes on the frontline.

During these uncertain times, your healthcare colleagues are probably on an unpredictable schedule rotation: making ward rounds, driving ambulances, running clinics. But if there's one thing you can be sure of, it's that they can't keep tabs on their email 24/7, or rely on company updates via notice boards or word of mouth.

Do you need to communicate new information daily? Are you struggling to reach your frontline workers? Blink can help.

Instant internal comms for on-the-go workforces.

Your healthcare workers are literally too busy saving lives for static internal comms channels to be effective. After a particularly grueling day, it’s difficult to remember to log in and check your work emails or to stop by the HR noticeboard for shift updates—particularly if you don’t have direct access to a desktop or the noticeboard is in a completely different building.

Blink is a mobile internal communications tool that goes where your employees go. Because it’s installed as an app, your workforce can check in quickly and easily whenever suits them—and you can flag mandatory updates with push notifications and the “acknowledge” feature so that everyone is kept in the loop.

Improve the efficiency of your workforce.

Healthcare jobs are stressful. During a manic shift, it’s vital healthcare workers use their breaks to take the downtime needed to do their job safely. Sadly, that's easier said than done when they always have piles of admin to complete.

Blink is a mobile solution, so users can access it from their personal device anytime, anywhere. It's also designed with a familiar, social media-style interface. That means it's quick and easy for your workforce to book leave, check rotas, connect with colleagues, and keep up with essential updates – without eating into their much-deserved break.

Internal comms through a single channel.

Right now, you probably send important updates out through a variety of different channels, just to make sure the message gets out. 

How much time could your HR department save if you didn’t have to do this? 

With Blink you can enjoy:

Instant communication

Help your employees find the colleagues they need with Blink’s employee directory. No more being passed around on the internal phone network: simply find the right contact on the app and open up an instant message-style chat.

Rise above the noise

The company Feed ensures key information finds the right audience; for example, real-time updates from management sit in their own dedicated channel. Push notifications and the “acknowledge” feature keeps your workforce up-to-date with important announcements, such as key policy changes or messages from the CEO.

A better patient experience

Engaged, informed employees provide better care. Blink unifies your workforce and makes them feel part of something bigger. 

Easy, paperless processes

Digitize clunky, paper-based processes like leave requests, uniform order forms, and shift rotas using the Hub.

Accurate reporting

Track key metrics like employee engagement and number of interactions to check up on the health of your workforce. Switch paper-based processes to digital forms and see up to 20x increase in compliance reporting from staff.

Experience Blink for yourself

You can try Blink today free for 14 days. We’re confident your entire team will love Blink. If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll return every penny you've paid.