Blink helps healthcare companies keep their key workers informed

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Solving retention for one of the largest US-based providers of personal care
Your digital front door

"It's all in Blink"

Busy healthcare staff don't have time to download and juggle lots of systems. Blink connects them to key apps and processes in seconds, without a password. From shift booking to SharePoint to PPE requests, everything's in one digital dashboard.

  • No more passwords, no more IT resets

  • Easy data integration to any tool

  • Digitize sluggish paper processes

  • Increase adoption of existing tools

Better patient outcomes

Optimize the quality of care

  • Create positive two-way feedback loops

  • Centralize key resources and training materials

  • Set up opportunities for mentoring

  • Standardize the processes that matter

  • Easily share best practice company-wide

"The team promised us Blink would be really easy to set up… And they were right! The competitors we looked at took months to set up – and required lots of heavy lifting on our part. Not Blink. It was way, way easier than we could possibly have hoped for. "

John Godden · Salutem

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Strengthen internal culture

Reduce staff turnover and increase loyalty

Blink makes recognition visible across your workforce and gives individuals a platform to share their stories, offer customer insights and celebrate accomplishments. The result? Healthcare employees who stick around for the long haul.

  • Recognise, and retain existing employees.

  • Become more competitive to new candidates.

  • Build a tight-knit community of close connections.

  • Create an inclusive culture that values everyone equally.

Streamline critical comms

Reach anyone, anytime, on any device

Healthcare workers can’t care for patients properly if they're cut off from important information, or confused about how to find it. Blink streamlines critical communication, putting a real-time knowledge base in the pocket of their scrubs.

  • Policies, contacts, and FAQs unified in one Hub

  • Send organization-wide updates in seconds

  • Target content to specific departments or shifts

  • Track key engagement metrics and increase compliance reporting

As safe as a bank

Water-tight compliance and data protection

Blink is a HIPAA compliant app with banking-level security, keeping up to date with all the latest regulatory and security requirements.

Keep a detailed audit trail of everyone who's 'acknowledged' critical information, so you're never left wondering – or worrying. And relax in the knowledge your data is safe, secure and 100% accurate with automated user provisioning.

Allity Aged Care and Blink

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