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Hospitality workforces are usually comprised of a large percentage of deskless workers spread across several locations, so getting everyone to feel like they bat for the same side can be a struggle.

Blink’s employee engagement app can change all that. Let us explain...

No-one Reads Your HR Noticeboard

Sorry to be blunt. The truth hurts sometimes.

This isn’t a malicious thing - it’s just that after spending half their shift rushed off their feet, the last thing people think of in their break is to check whether the rota has been updated.

Because Blink is designed as a familiar social media-type feed, it’s almost effortless for your hospitality workforce to access, share and engage with company updates - whether that’s updates on who’s covering holiday shifts, or that all-important Christmas party announcement.

No Desk? No Problem...

Currently, most internal communications strategies are based around email newsletters or creaky, outdated employee intranets. This leaves out deskless workers who have limited access to computers, making them feel ‘less than’.

Employee engagement is about reaching your workers wherever they are, from the group headquarters all the way to the restaurant floor. Blink helps you achieve this by reaching your workforce on the device they will always have with them - their smartphone.

Internal Comms Through a Single Channel

How much time would you save if you didn’t have to send every company update out through multiple channels?

Blink streamlines your internal communications process by letting you send instant updates to your employees. No more wondering whether everyone got that important email update. No more hours spent stapling attachments to everyone’s payslips.

Instead, you can enjoy:

Easy, paperless processes

Digitize previously paper-based processes like kitchen health and safety training, shift rotas and time-off requests with our employee engagement app.

The right information

Add new starter forms, uniform order information and more to the Hub, so your workforce can deal with admin quickly and focus on providing first-class customer service.

Keep your workforce up to date

Give workers instant access to food safety and allergen guides, POS manuals and other key company info so that your workforce stays clued up on your most important processes.

Instant communication within teams

Share shift schedules, menu changes and seasonal offer information using Blink’s instant messaging system.

Accurate reporting

Empower workers to file complaint reports in real time, so that you can follow up swiftly and repair relationships with disappointed patrons.

A better customer experience

Engage your employees so that they feel more engaged and productive, providing great customer service and sending your customers home happy.

Your Company Culture Needs To Change

In hospitality, hiring managers tend to accept that workforces will be disengaged as a given - workforces are spread around several locations with little to no contact with senior management.

This is a bad move. Low engagement means high employee turnover, so sticking to the ‘churn and burn’ approach means higher onboarding costs, lower company morale and poorer service as a result - which will be a huge turn off for your patrons.

Blink’s employee engagement app helps your employees feel like part of your team so that they stay longer, feel happier and deliver better customer service - all of which has a significant impact on your bottom line.

A Word to the ROIs

Using Blink, your hospitality workforce can spend less time completing basic HR tasks and more time making your guests feel at home. Cut out the bureaucracy and let your staff get on with what they do best.

And, as they become more engaged with your company’s overall goals, they’ll become more productive - what’s not to love?

Blink In Numbers

Need proof? Here’s what our customers have experienced since implementing the Blink employee engagement app:


times average number of app opens per user, per day.


in approval ratings for senior management from on-the-ground workforce.


in cost savings due to reduced driver turnover.

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