Employee Engagement

Deliver on your people strategy. Blink is powerful software built for work that engages everybody and is a joy to use.

Employees are the new customer

Everyone is a digital native. Do the services your company offers meet todays high expectations? What's easy for your people at home should be just as easy at work.

Attract and retain the best people

A truly Digital Workplace is an asset. 85% of people who say they have great tech at work also love their job

Save time, wasted effort and money

Digital experiences reduce friction. Employees with fewer frustrations feel like they're having a greater impact.

Digital Workplaces move 10x faster

Tackle disruption! Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%.

Todays approaches don't raise the bar

A truly digital workplace transforms the user experience. Nothing else can do this as simply and as quickly as Blink. Migrating existing apps to the cloud and embracing some social isn't enough.

Blink is the ultimate employee experience

Engage everyone with a modern work experience. Blink delivers the digital workplace and has a huge impact on levels of engagement.

1Engage everyone every dayEmployees start and run their days on Blink. The Home tab gives everyone their own personal feed of calendar, business data and official comms.
3Connect with everyoneInteract with employees in their feed. Share procedures, wellness and key documents. Receive feedback and create surveys.
5No more compromisesBlink is design focussed and enjoyable to use. It's also powerful and enterprise class. These things are no longer mutually exclusive.
2Take action from one placeData is brought out of silo'd applications and workflow is made actionable. Approve, update and respond 10x faster.
4Foster collaborationYour people can form Teams with anyone wherever they work. Share documents & workflow with partners and customers cross organisation.
6Zero UpheavalYou don't need to throw out your existing processes, Blink accelerates your existing workflow and amplifies the data you already have.

Easy to find and easy to action

Make it easy for your employees to love where they work. Put your existing data front and center with Blink and empower everyone to deliver.

Experience Blink for yourself

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