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Employee Engagement

Completely deliver on your people strategy. Blink is a powerful Mobile App that field workers love. It transforms the way they work.
Employees are the new customers

Everyone is a Digital Native. Your Deskless Workforce is Mobile First. Reduce unnecessary friction in your workflow with Blink and exceed employee expectation!

It's time to raise the bar

A Mobile First Employee App transforms the user experience for your deskless workers. Nothing else reaches and engages them like Blink. O365 and GSuite are great foundations but alone they are not a Digital Workplace.

Blink is the ultimate Mobile Employee App

Engage all your deskless workers with a modern work experience. Blink delivers the digital workplace and eliminates friction.


Engage everyone every day

Your deskless workers run their days with the Blink Feed. It's everything they need to do and everything they want to know.


Connect with everyone

Interact with employees in their Feed. Share updates, wellness and training. Create polls, surveys and close the feedback loop.


No more compromises

Blink is design focussed and enjoyable to use. It's also powerful and enterprise class. These things are no longer mutually exclusive.


Take action from one place

Actions are taken out of non-mobile legacy apps and made Mobile First for everyone in their own personalised work feed.


Foster collaboration

Your people can form Teams with anyone wherever they work. Share documents & workflow with partners and customers cross organisation.


Zero Upheaval

You don't need to throw out your existing processes, Blink accelerates your existing workflow and amplifies the data you already have.

Everything they need to do and everything they want to know

Make it easy for your employees to love where they work. Give them a tool that shows you value their time and empower everyone to deliver. Turn every employee into a source of competitive advantage.

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