Understand your company.

Blink visualizes communication flows around your company, letting you see positive and negative team relationships and act accordingly.

Measure Employee Engagement with post insights.

Available to anyone in the audience, you can see the analytics of each post without leaving the app.

View the reach, impressions, likes, comments and link clicks of any post in your Feed.

Keep content engaging and useful.

How do you know that content shared in your organization is engaging?

Content Analytics allows administrators to ensure that the content they have created is gaining the engagement they need.

Watch your engagement grow.

Blink has achieved unparalleled levels of engagement from day one of a proof of concept and this number only continues to grow throughout the process with an average of 84% of people opening the app daily.

We're confident that Blink will have the same results for your organization. User Analytics make it easy for you to see the moment engagement spikes.

Follow Feed engagement.

As well as being able to see how every single Feed Post is performing, It's also important to have an overview of how and when your team engage with this content.

At a team or company-wide level, you can see how many posts are sent and how many interactions there are overall.

Drill down on usage.

With the ability to filter your analytics by team or date range, you can drill down and benchmark your results.

Looking after your privacy.

Blink analytics help everyone work smarter, but never at the expense of individual privacy.

All sensitive data is hidden and Blink never gives inappropriate access to an individual’s data.

Experience Blink for yourself

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