Take your employee experience to the next level.

Bring your workers closer to your organization, and your organization closer to your workers.

Blink is a native mobile employee engagement app that is designed specifically for teams on the move. It unites all your basic HR functions: internal and peer to peer communications, rotas, and compliance reporting—into one single platform. 

With Blink, you can say goodbye to stuffing newsletters into pay packets, sending out emails blindly hoping they will be read, and wondering whether that noticeboard in the site hut ever gets updated on time. Instant push notifications to your employee’s phones makes it so much easier for your employees to keep up with what’s going on. 

But...it’s so much more than that. Designed as a familiar social media-type experience, Blink encourages employees to celebrate their colleague’s hard work, engage with company updates, and feel like they’re an integral part of your company’s success.

No computer access? No problem.

It might seem like stating the obvious, but desktop computers can be in short supply on a building site. So whilst traditional internal communications channels (creaky intranet, ubiquitous email newsletter) work fine for the desk-based workers in your head office, they often leave out your onsite workers. 

The result? A large chunk of your workforce who feel ignored by your organization’s structure and a potentially unhelpful us-and-them mindset among those that feel forgotten. 

A mobile solution helps you reach your workforce wherever they are. Your internal comms strategy should keep the most junior onsite apprentice as well informed and engaged as the CEO - Blink’s employee engagement app gives you the tools you need to achieve that.

A single channel for HR and Internal Comms.

Are you tired of spending a good chunk of your time figuring out which internal comms channels to use to reach different bits of your workforce?

If you can’t help but feel that sinking “there’s definitely more productive things we could do with this time” feeling as you and your team stuff 200 paper rotas into 200 separate pay packets, it could be time to bring everything under one umbrella.

Blink offers:

Instant communication within teams:

on large sites, simply finding the person you need can take a fair amount of time. Blink’s employee directory and instant messaging features make it easy to get a message across site immediately

Digitization of paper-based processes:

empower your employees to submit forms, update their details, and view their rotas with just a couple of taps on their smartphone screen

Easy access to documentation:

keep your equipment manuals, materials order forms, invoice templates, and other important documentation in the Hub so everyone knows exactly where it is when they need it

Real-time reporting:

allow your employees to report broken equipment, materials shortages, and other onsite incidents immediately for effective and speedy resolution

A better employee experience:

keep your construction workforce stable and reduce employee turnover by making everyone feel like part of the team. Use the social media-style internal company feed to share updates, celebrate employee achievements, and bring everyone closer together

Change your company culture for the better.

Because construction workforces aren’t often particularly engaged, there’s an acceptance that workers will come and go and that there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

But...what if you, ahead of all your competitors, were the construction company everyone wanted to work for?

You’d be able to attract the best construction workers out there—the electricians, carpenters, brick layers, and machine operators that get it right every time. That means better-finished product, fewer onsite errors, and less time and money spent correcting them.

You’d spend less time constantly searching for new recruits, less time training up new hires, and less time getting them adjusted to your organization’s way of working. Instead, you’d retain a solid bank of operational knowledge.

And finally...you could rely on that workforce to be switched on, productive, and happy in the job they do. A happy, engaged workforce is a productive one, and productive workforces hit deadlines, work efficiently, and by extension help your company make more profit.

Increasing employee engagement in your construction workforce isn’t just a nice thing to do. It’s a smart and necessary thing to do if you care about your company’s financial performance.

An eye for a ROI

How much of your construction workforce’s time is spent completing basic but time-consuming HR tasks?

What if they could spend those hours doing what they’re there to do, rather than chasing down equipment order forms, trying to find the right person to “ok” their time-off requests, or wading through complex incident report procedures?

You don’t want your employees to waste valuable onsite hours doing this, and rest assured they don’t either. Blink helps cut the bureaucracy so that your employees can do their jobs more effectively. What’s not to love?

Experience Blink for yourself

You can try Blink today free for 14 days. We’re confident your entire team will love Blink. If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll return every penny you've paid.