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Retail employees tend to be spread out over several locations—even if you’re only operating one store, you’re still likely split warehouse, delivery, and head office teams to think about as well. Your workforce might love their immediate team or place of work, but have no real allegiance to your organization as a whole.

Using Blink, you can change this.

Make employee communication instant.

Because your retail staff don’t sit at a computer all day, you probably rely on a mixture of workplace notice boards, slips with paychecks, and word-of-mouth. All slow, all unreliable, and you’ve probably been left short-staffed more than once due to miscommunications about rota changes.

Paper methods are also entirely operational. You get no extra employee engagement benefits - only the cold, hard ‘your rota looks like this for the next three weeks’.

Blink is designed as a social media feed. Updates are instant. And, as well providing instant notifications for important announcements and rota changes, it acts as a virtual space where your employees can organize events, share success stories, and make connections across the business.

No desk needed.

Traditional employee engagement strategies overlook on-the-ground retail workers because email newsletters and creaky, outdated intranet sites rely on computer access to work. Your employees don’t have that.

Reach your workers wherever they are with Blink’s mobile internal communications app. Keep your warehouse crew as well-informed as the CEO using the device they will always have with them, wherever they are - their smartphone.

Internal communications through a single channel.

Save time on updating break room notice boards, stuffing pay packets with print outs, and laboriously sending out emails that no-one reads.

Blink makes everything instant, paperless, and so much easier than spreading your internal communications plan and strategy over several different channels. Enjoy:

Easy, paperless processes:

make it easier for your employees to book leave, update their personal details, and complete workplace health and safety training by digitizing all your key HR processes.

The right information:

fishing out the documents needed to do their job eats up valuable time. Give workers instant access to uniform order forms, PoS manuals, and more so they can focus on serving your customers instead.

Keep your workforce up-to-date:

update the social media feed with key announcements, and use it to share news of events, organize charity drives, and acknowledge outstanding performance.

Instant communication within teams:

use the instant messaging app to share shift changes, seasonal offers, and new product line information between team members.

Accurate reporting:

provide an easy way for employees to file customer complaints, report broken equipment, and flag up any other issues in real-time, so you can set things right as soon as you can.

A better customer experience:

if you release your employees from the burden of workplace admin, they can focus on providing first-rate customer service...and happier customers mean a healthier bottom line.

Rethink how you think about your retail workers.

All too often, employers are dismissive of their on-the-ground retail workforce. ‘They’ll leave in a few months regardless’ senior managers think, and don’t question the stratospheric hiring costs, operational inefficiencies, and reputational damage that comes with this line of thought.

Don’t be one of those employers. An engaged retail workforce that stays in their roles a long time builds up a bank of operational knowledge that differentiates you from your competitors and makes you a successful business. This knowledge bank, combined with strong employee engagement and a genuine pride in their work, separates a good customer experience from a great one.

Blink helps your workers feel like valued members of your company, so that they stay longer, feel happier, and deliver better service.

A word to the ROIs...

Time spent unnecessarily on workplace admin benefits no-one. It’s frustrating for your employees, reduces productivity, and is less profitable for you as a company.

Essentially, lengthy, bureaucratic HR processes drain revenue - both because the time you pay your employees to do these could be spent on more profitable activities, and because they increase the risk of human error. What happens to that fresh produce delivery if no-one got the memo that the driver is on vacation, for example? How much revenue do you lose if there’s a mix up with the shift rota? If your equipment has broken down and no-one knows where the maintenance documents are kept, how much time are you losing which could be spent with customers?

By streamlining everything into a single app, Blink ups your employees’ productivity and, in doing so, makes you more money—what’s not to love?

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