The Intranet Features That Actually Make an Impact

Is a traditional intranet robust enough to meet your communications and engagement goals? Blink is the better solution for businesses who want to reach and engage a mobile, frontline workforce because it has all the intranet features you are familiar with (plus much more!).
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A Total Information and Communications Solution

Blink’s intranet features are just one piece of a fully customizable mobile intranet dashboard designed to keep frontline employees in the know and fully engaged, so they can work smarter and be more productive. Personalized messaging feeds exist side by side with collaborative tools, updates, documents, and more.

Blink is not just another app with basic intranet features. It is an information repository combined with a messaging tool, plus a place to store, sort, and access. It’s also an HR tool kit and an automation hub for digitizing paper-based processes through powerful micro-apps.

The Feed

Goodbye old school one-size-fits-all intranet features. Blink gives every employee in your organization a highly personalized feed with a priority-first flow of information. When employees log in (which 81% do daily), they see actionable items, notifications, schedule changes, and to-dos. Frontline workers have exactly what they need to be productive.


Do you need Blink to do even more? Create your own micro-apps to do things like use payment card systems, streamline project reporting, automate timesheet management, report unplanned absences, or update your product database. Building mobile apps in Blink is faster and easier than building native applications, and you can integrate internal web apps, too.

These are more than the standard intranet features, with the power to enhance collaboration, documentation, information sharing and vital processes. Blink’s mobile intranet solutions promote employee engagement at all levels.

What Makes Blink Better?

More than just intranet features, Blink has engagement features:


Make app switching a thing of the past. You can safely store all the documents that power your company with Hub. Teams with access can see, edit and share files on the devices they already have with them.

Social Design

Employees like Blink because its intranet features are built into a familiar social interface. They’ll have access to personalized feeds, likes, and comments, for a rich media experience.


Teams bring people, content, and workflows together so these assets can be organized around your big picture goals. Everyone on a Team has access to conversations, questions, files and chats in one shared space.


One of Blink’s most important intranet features is powerful workforce analytics that offer insight into the people and relationships that make your company so successful. You can see how communications really flow through your organization.


Get ready to take a more proactive approach to compliance. Blink lets you monitor messaging in real-time so you can identify potential breaches as well as the inappropriate use of sensitive data inside your organization.

Track to Engage

Once you’ve launched Blink in your workplace, let the tracking tools go to work for you! Admins can see what features and integrated applications are used, if there are unread messages or unopened files in an employee’s feed, which employees are asking questions and giving feedback, and if information is reaching the intended recipient.

Blink’s intranet is mobile so it is for every employee, everywhere

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