Driving Employee Engagement in Public Transit

Having a mobile workforce doesn’t need to mean relying on notice boards for internal communications. Blink is a mobile intranet for transit companies that allows drivers, truckers, mechanics, engineers, and other non-desk employees to communicate instantly and access important company information.
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Having a mobile workforce doesn’t need to mean relying on notice boards for internal communications. Blink is a mobile intranet for transportation companies that allows drivers, truckers, mechanics, engineers, and other non-desk employees in the travel and transit industries the same engagement opportunities their in-office colleagues have. It is a two-way employee communication solution where workers can find important policy information, route updates, internal news, vehicle manuals, and more.

What Effective Communication Looks Like in Transportation

Studies show that drivers and other employees at travel and transit companies want more opportunities for two-way digital communications. Blink’s intranet for transportation companies is the employee app that meets both of those needs in one user-friendly platform. Notice boards and paper-based processes just don’t cut it anymore in a world where employees are used to sharing information on their own devices. Effective communication means reaching your workers where they are, whether that means at home or in the garage.

Why Get an Intranet for Transportation Companies?

Blink’s employee app integrates into workflows and day-to-day management, reinforcing the messaging on or even replacing posters and fliers on notice boards, old limited-functionality intranets, TV screens in the break room, email newsletters, and attachments on pay stubs.

Blink’s robust mobile intranet system offers a solution to the problems with fractured messaging. The solution: a one-stop, two-way feedback channel, a platform to keep the most important documents that employees need daily, a place to interact with HR, and more. You can:

From paper to Micro-Apps

Digitize previously paper-based processes like route risk assessments, near miss reports, time off requests, and employee reviews.

Route information

Put routes in the Hub so employees arrive at work ready to roll rather than having to speak to a controller or check in a book.

Manuals on the go

Give workers access to user manuals so engineers that visit faulty vehicles have the documents they need to fix issues in the palms of their hands.

Important updates

Share shift schedules, road closure updates, and assignment changes.

Accurate reporting

Empower workers to file accident reports on-site and outage updates en route for more accurate reporting.

Great customer experience

Ensure that employees are better informed and more engaged, resulting in overall great customer experience.

An Employee App Can Change Your Company Culture

Disengagement is a real problem in industries where employees have very little direct contact with their coworkers and managers. Tackling the bureaucratic aspects of the job can mean working past the end of a shift. Being on the road means dealing with the unexpected, day in and day out.

When your employees have Blink’s intranet for transportation companies in their pockets, they feel like part of your team. Reports and HR tasks are easier to finish, and they can easily access the information they need to do a great job — even when that information is always changing. The end result is a workforce that’s driven to grow.

What Our Intranet Can Do for Your Transportation Company

Blink resolves the numerous pressing internal communications issues that make work challenging for travel and transit industry employees. The result is reduced frustration, less wasted time, and a better employee experience from day one. Try Blink and discover how employee engagement can lead to more satisfaction and better ROI.

Case Study: Stagecoach Group

Stagecoach is one of the largest transit providers in the UK with 32,000 staff and 2.5 million passengers transported daily. But connecting and engaging all bus drivers and engineers who worked remotely proved challenging for the internal communications team. Working with Blink, the team identified paper-based processes that were easily digitizable. Employees could now submit near-miss reports, route risk assessments, request holidays and check routes all in one app. Because Blink made their lives easier, drivers love the easy to use app. At the same time, their on-time departure rates went up by 5% and Stagecoach saved 5,000 hours across 21,000 drivers every week.


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