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future of the digital workplace.

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We’re transforming the way people work

We’re building a platform that makes getting things done at work easy. We enable people to get things done in just a few taps, with messaging, bots, AI and a kick ass unified search. We’re working the largest companies in the UK to create an an entirely new interface to work. We call it WorkOS.

This is a defining point in enterprise technology. The workplace has fallen so far behind what is possible, workflows have broken down and technology has stopped working for people. We can fix this ­ and enable a leap forward in workplace productivity not seen for a generation.


Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

The people that work at Blink are from a broad spectrum of backgrounds but they are all smart, authentic and willing to help. We are all aberrant characters with lots of wide ranging experience in business (and life!). We have some great discussions and we always find a solution.

Blink has a ‘get stuff done’ culture.

It is a collaborative and open place to work and to excel. It’s fun to work here, we do winter ski­trips and summer holidays and workcations. We have a cool office that’s productive and fun to be in and is well connected to transport and to the internet! It isn’t laid back, it’s a driven place full of energy. It’s brilliant to work here.

We buy breakfast everyday and lunch on Fridays, you can pick your own kit, as many screens as you like, the right software and we don’t set a holiday allowance. There is a lot more we plan to introduce as we grow.

Our Team

Think you’re good enough to work at Blink? Want to do something meaningful? Want to be challenged every­ single­ day? If you want to join the motley crew, drop us a line. No CV required!

Laurence, Blink Designer Laurence

I left my old company to join Blink after seeing how quickly the idea was developing. I was amazed by the team's passion and love having the opportunity to work on something with so much potential.

Bowie, Blink Dog Bowie

Woof! I belong to one of the Blink engineers and I come to the office a couple of times a week. I like chasing balls, going for walks and snoozing in any spot that's catching the sun. I'm very friendly and enjoy being tickled!