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80% of workers now identify themselves as mobile-first

If you don't have an employee app, how can you engage mobile workers?

The Activity Feed is the centre of Blink. It unifies actions and notifications from your business apps, with internal communications. Combining these elements drives high engagement and improvements in productivity.

80% of workers now identify themselves as mobile-first

Your employee portal

Bring together what needs to be done and what we need to know about in one employee app.

Combined calendars from multiple sources, a unique universal search bar and your cloud launchpad.

All in one employee portal at last.

Your employee portal

Bring your applications into your feed

Connect your feed to your existing enterprise applications. Your employees get one-click workflows and realtime notifications. You get faster processes, better compliance and improved productivity. Everyone wins!

Bring your applications into your feed

No configuration required. Easy roll-out

You can start using Blink today. No set-up required and no complex integrations to get started (you can add these later!).

No configuration required. Easy roll-out

Blink Messaging keeps everyone in the loop

Mobile messaging enables your front-line workers to stay in touch, share knowledge, solve problems and be reachable anytime.

Blink comes with a messaging module or can integrate seamlessly with your existing messaging apps.

Blink Messaging keeps everyone in the loop

Bring your workforce together

Engage everyone in your culture with a decentralised feed where everyone can share and participate.

Everyone can share, like and comment

For employee apps to be successful, they must have useful, personalised content. Blink empowers team leaders, managers, even the CEO to share content with relevant teams, whole departments or the entire company.

Share videos, images, files, updates or links

Enables your people to share the content they care about; the CEO can share their latest video message, Compliance can post a policy change and request everyone acknowledge and colleagues in the field can post to their team new problems they encounter.

Not just top-down, bottom-up too

Blink enables colleagues to collaborate within messaging and their feeds. Your people can share best practice, ask questions, share photos of problems, celebrate wins together and much more!

Organisations love what we're doing

Blink is one of a few companies to be addressing the challenges we face today and the only product with a truly enterprise-grade solution for the digital work environment of now.

BenProduct Director, Pearson PLC
Product Director, Pearson PLC
Managing Director, Opticore IT
Sales and Marketing Manager, Forumloft
Managing Director, Kogitas
IT Director, Streamline Corporate

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85% of people who say they have great technology at work, also say they love their jobs. This is not a co-incidence. Digital Experiences reduce friction. Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%. Start working smarter today and try Blink now!

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