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Blink is the new interface to work. All your contacts, messaging and your apps in one place. Try it today for free.

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Blink is the future of work

We’ve created a unified, intelligent interface for work that puts everything within reach. Under the hood is some seriously genius tech that will supercharge your productivity.

Digital working

Blink organises messaging into convenient Teams. Bring people, content and workflow together into digital workspaces and discover a more agile, modern way of working.


Access the applications you use every day without leaving Blink. We make it simple to cut straight to what you need within platforms like Salesforce, ServiceNow and Netsuite.

Superior search

One search bar lets you find anything. And we mean anything. Documents, emails, messages, people, data from other applications. If it’s out there, Blink will let you find it.

People say the nicest things 😘

Blink is one of a few companies to be addressing the challenges we face today and the only product with a truly enterprise-grade solution for the digital work environment of now.

BenProduct Director, Pearson PLC
Product Director, Pearson PLC
Managing Director, Opticore IT

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More than blindingly brilliant messaging

Blink messaging is your way to do everything easier, faster and better. Arrange travel, search for documents, log calls, order lunch, you name it... all done with the same natural language you’d use to message a colleague.

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