Engage your mobile workers and replace your legacy Intranet

Blink gives everyone an engaging, personalised activity feed including social content, training, notifications, actions, videos and enterprise integrations.

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A modern Enterprise portal for work

Blink Home and Blink Messaging transform your workplace.

Blink Home gives you a unique Feed of actions from your other business apps and is where employees start and run their workdays. Blink Messaging is secure persistent group chat that lets employees form Teams to get things done.

A modern Enterprise portal for work

Blink Home. The simplest, most powerful way to run your day.

Actions and data from all your existing business apps available in one beautiful feed.

Combined calendars from multiple sources, a unique universal searchbar and your cloud launchpad.

All in one place at last.

Blink Home. The simplest, most powerful way to run your day.

Blink Messaging. Persistent Team chat for the enterprise.

Chat and share documents with colleagues and partners. Form and join Teams that span organisations for the freedom to work with whoever you need to.

Encrypted, secure and audited. Blinks messaging even has real time compliance alerting.

A familiar interface that works on desktop, web and natively on mobile.

Blink Messaging. Persistent Team chat for the enterprise.

A platform you can build on

Blink is the ultimate piece of workplace software. Rapidly adopted by employees it quickly becomes integrated into their worklives.

For Internal Communications

Internal Communications teams leverage Blinks reach and adoption to share vision and strategy. Using Blink to post directly into employee Feeds you can increase engagement, close the feedback loop and get everyone pulling in the same direction.

For Employee Engagement

Blink is not like other workplace software. It is high quality and gives employees the same slick user experience they're used to in their personal lives. Blink lowers frustration and makes your people feel like they're having a greater impact.

For any business challenge

Micro-apps are lighweight Javascript and HTML apps that run on Blink and can be built by any web developer. They are 15x faster to build and deploy than a traditional app and can be deployed to a whole workforce in seconds. This is how you move faster and tackle disruption.

Organisations love what we're doing.

Blink is one of a few companies to be addressing the challenges we face today and the only product with a truly enterprise-grade solution for the digital work environment of now.

BenProduct Director, Pearson PLC
Product Director, Pearson PLC
Managing Director, Opticore IT
Sales and Marketing Manager, Forumloft
Managing Director, Kogitas
IT Director, Streamline Corporate

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85% of people who say they have great technology at work, also say they love their jobs. This is not a co-incidence. Digital Experiences reduce friction. Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%. Start working smarter today and try Blink now!

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