How we work

Built by us. Used by the frontline.

Blink has transformed the lives of frontline workers everywhere. Our award-winning product has industry-leading levels of engagement, with a DAU of 99% – and we've got so much more to achieve. Scalability, automation and precision are at the heart of what we do. We're never shackled down by convention; always open-minded, always moving forward.

Engineering branches


Working in the Frontend at Blink means the latest in JavaScript: React, Next.JS, Storybook, Webpack and Redux. We deliver a variety of demanding features without compromising on UX. We have chat, a social feed, a dropbox-like file system and an administrator dashboard to keep it all in check.


Whether it's bringing push notifications in-house, delivering native video support, scaling the platform across multiple regions or providing insights through analytics and search... the next technical challenge is never far off. We write our Backend with Scala and Akka and run it in a Kubernetes-managed cluster on top of AWS.

Integrations & Micro-Apps

One of our proudest differentiators is the integrations we offer via third-party systems. Micro-Apps are the next step in surfacing information to our (sometimes tech-shy) users. We write these mini web-apps using web-frameworks like Next.js. These deliver a simple interface to access payslips, holiday bookings, shift swaps...


Tens of thousands of frontline workers use our mobile apps every day. We write our Native iOS and Android mobile apps using the latest mobile development languages (Swift and Kotlin). We also make extensive use of Observables and Reactive programming.

Engineering spotlight

Ash Browning

Software Developer, London

I started my front-end career at FactSet working with frameworks-gone-by like MooTools, Backbone & AngularJS and later facilitated departmental migrations between these frameworks as part of the Developer Advocacy Group there.

Here, I've worked on and built some exciting features such as adding ABR video streaming to the platform (leveraging Plyr.js/DASH.js libraries), a content publishing workflow (Pages), implemented a secure payslip viewer and most recently adding rich formatting options to our DraftJS-based text editors.

Life as a dev.


Prepare to hit the ground running! You’ll start get your teeth stuck into on meaty, high-impact projects right from the start.


We encourage anyone to take ownership of product features as Feature Leaders, helping us getting the feature delivered from speccing all the way to release.


As we grow, we want you to grow with us. You'll quickly expand into project and/or product management, team/stream/squad lead.

about us

We're a friendly bunch.

Motivated, positive and social; we're all different, but these traits tie us together. We work closely as a team and genuinely value each other's opinions. Most of all, we try and learn as much as we can from one another, through knowledge sharing and healthy debate.

Our diverse backgrounds and interests make our engineering culture unique. We are parents, polyglots (in both spoken and programming languages), cyclists, musicians – and so much more.

Perks of the job.

Growth budget

Pick your training and build on your skillset.

Flexible hours

 We focus on results, not what time you start.


And any other tech you need. We want you to work with the best.

Remote work

We trust you to get it done wherever you are – office, home, or somewhere else.

Knowledge sharing

Lunch & Learn, regular workshops and rich knowledge base.

Travel while you learn

Attend conferences all over the world (Covid-permitting). Previously, we've been to React Allicante, CityJS and Scala Warsaw.

Engineering spotlight

Paulina Piesiewicz

QA Tester, London

Before Blink I was in the arts, from screen printing to digital illustration to fine art portraiture. Small details remain my biggest source of satisfaction.

My day-to-day means improving and maintaining the high quality of our product! I explore and test new features, organise and maintain the test library... I have a large collection of devices to test on, which feels normal, until you have to unpack them all at airport security. Ten mobiles, two tablets and two laptops.. "I'm a.. not a thief.. I'm a tester" she said.

Open roles

Build your future with us.

Join our journey

We're always looking for brilliant people to join our team.

Meet the engineering team!

Gavin Glorieux

Head of Product Engineering, London

Laurence Carver

Product Director, London

Paulina Piesiewicz

QA Tester, London

Hamish Forbes

DevOps Engineer, Christchurch

Ash Browning

Front End Developer, London

Mike Orzechowski

Senior Backend Engineer, London

Ryan McClarnon

Mobile Developer, London

Oliver Fox

Mobile Developer, London

Adam Briffett

Senior Backend Engineer, London

Ranganath Matravadi

Solutions Engineer, Sydney

Tom Bush

Front End Developer, London

Lee Burges

Full-stack Developer, London

Fabien Depasse

Full-Stack Developer, London