The world needs technology that puts frontline workers first

Discover the power of deep connections between executives in the office and employees on the ground.
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It’s time for executives to rethink the way they connect with the frontline.

Recent data shows the majority of frontline workers feel burned out, underappreciated — and ready to leave their current jobs.

People on the frontline want more positive relationships at work, and more recognition for the incredible work they do.

That’s where Blink comes in.

When you open up two-way communication, you have more conversations that foster positive relationships and mutual appreciation.

When you streamline workflows with user-friendly digital processes, you reduce stress and burnout, improving employee satisfaction.

And when you drive up employee satisfaction, you drive up customer satisfaction, and increase employee retention.

Blink grew out of one idea: there had to be a better way to work

From the very beginning, it was our goal to create a workplace where people feel empowered, supported, and like part of something bigger than themselves.

And it was our goal to build a software that would help companies across the world do the same.

Today, we have hundreds of customers across healthcare, logistics, transport, retail and more.

Each one of them recognizes and values the contributions their frontline makes.

Together, we can can transform the frontline experience

When you give frontline workers access

Blink offers secure access through Single sign-on and two-way communication channels.

To what they need, when they need it

Connect frontline workers to the right people, processes, communications and applications, at the right time.

You and your organization thrive

Build a culture of productivity, retention and conversations, where the frontline is engaged, gives feedback and feels valued. 

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We're certified too! so you can put your mind at ease knowing you're in safe hands.

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Blink by the numbers

We’ve grown fast. And the more we expand, the more frontline workers we’re honored to serve.

We care about our clients, and we care about their frontline.

That’s why we don’t just sell our solution and let clients figure it out on their own. We’re there for them every step of the way during implementation.

We make sure that Blink integrates with an organization’s existing technology, simplifies their workflows, and — most importantly — that it supports their people.

"It’s a tool that could completely transform the way [our] industry communicates. We are in such a unique spot with the majority of our workforce — the most important and most valuable part of our workforce — they're the people who are often not reached by the most important information... Blink completely transformed that."

Brittney Schlachter, Communication Specialist · The Rapid

What could you and your workforce achieve with Blink?

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