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Blink is one of the fastest-growing SaaS startups in the UK today.

We're inspired by a single idea: a company’s greatest untapped asset is its frontline. All they're missing is better technology. It's been thrilling for us to see this take shape in diverse organizations all over the world. 80,000 key workers (and counting) rely on Blink every day.

But – we didn’t get here by ourselves. Our brilliant team drives us forward. We have a board, and a clear sense of purpose, to steer our decision-making. Partnerships with extraordinary global businesses fuel our growth.

We're headquartered in London, with offices in New York and Sydney. And we're growing. Want to join us?

Awards and recognition

We don't do what we do for badges and press clippings – but it's nice to be noticed.

Blink in the press

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Award-winning product and support

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Great User Experience 2018 award
Crozdesk Happiest Users award 2020
Step Two - Gold Award Winner
Rising Star Award 2018

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Our mission

Working on the frontline was never going to be easy. But it shouldn't be this hard.

Frontline workers keep society afloat. So why are they still under-resourced? They risk their lives, but don't have access to the basic systems most of us take for granted. A work email. A support network. A voice.

They deserve better. Let's build a world where every single frontline worker benefits from technology. Where their employer protects and invests in them. Where their opinion is valued and their voice is heard.

Our values.

Wear the customer’s shoes.

We love to see our customers win. We’ll overdeliver, bend our own rules, and do everything in our power to make you successful.

Create a better tomorrow.

Frontline workers thrive on community, mutual dialogue, and respect. This inspires everything we do.

Triumph as a team.

We aren't concerned with dazzling as individuals; our strength comes from what we achieve together. We leave our egos at the door.

Always deliver.

We have a bias for action and complement empathy with excellence. We don’t just offer solutions; we make them happen.

Founding story.

Let's start at the beginning...

It's 2002, and our CEO Sean Nolan has a pain point: timesheets. He hates how they drain his energy and slow him down.

So, he builds a custom one-click tool for his professional services firm. The tool expands to other boring, transactional admin like expense claims. Then it expands some more, to knowledge sharing, appraisals, colleagues' birthdays…

Before long, the tool does much more than save time. The remote-only team begins to feel close. Employee satisfaction and staff retention soar; in nine years, only five people (out of 200) quit. 

Fast forward to 2014. There's still a gap in the market for a sophisticated system that supports non-office workers. Like the timesheet tool, but bigger, better, smarter. Blink is born.

Four years whizz by. Developing the app, making the user experience as frictionless and intuitive as possible. At times it’s a rocky road: five staff members, lots of sleepless nights, ups and downs. 

Blink today.

Then, in 2018, Blink lands its first big client: Stagecoach. This leads to another account, and another. Blink starts to win local awards, and then international ones. We launch new offices in New York and Sydney.

Today, we have hundreds of customers across healthcarelogisticstransportretail and more. Each one of them recognizes the contributions their frontline makes. That makes us proud to work with them.

Our team is lean, focused, and nimble. Despite staying small, we've built an ecosystem that supports enterprises of every size. Each staff member knows our clients – and Blink – inside out. We work closely with our wonderful, vocal user base. In fact, they help us write our product roadmap.

The one-click timesheet tool is a distant memory. But the concept stays the same: cut the parts of work that drag people down. Give them back their time and dignity. Equip them with the information they need to do their job efficiently. Make it easy to love work.

Team Blink

Sean Nolan

CEO, London

Barry McDonagh

COO, London

Laurence Carver

Product & Design, London

Peter Durkin

Head of Sales, London

Matt Ridley

Customer Solutions Engineering, London

Timea Szabo

Head of Marketing, London

Christopher Conn

Account Manager, London

Gavin Glorieux

Head of Product Engineering, London

Paulina Piesiewicz

QA Development, London

Mike Orzechowski

Backend Developer, London

Ryan McClarnon

Android Developer, London

Grace Hughes

Marketing Designer, London

Daniel Graham

Growth Marketer, London

Oliver Simon

Growth Marketing Manager, London

Tom Watson

Account Manager, London

Harry Blaney

Customer Support Analyst, London

George Monk

Sales Development Representative, London

Flo Hunter

Customer Success Lead, London

Maggie Mackay-Dunn

Customer Success Manager, London

Nicole Reynolds

Recruitment Manager, London

Chris Lawley

General Manager, Sydney

Josh Cook

Customer Solutions Engineer, Sydney

Steph Jones

Sales Development Representative, Sydney

Ben Van Tongeren

Country Manager, Christchurch

Hamish Forbes

DevOps Engineer, Christchurch

Ash Browning

Frontend Developer, London

Maaike Klein

Content Marketer, London

Doug Holmes

Account Manager, New York

Holly Martyn-Smith

Sales Development Representative, London

Oliver Fox

Mobile Developer, London

Matt Fairhead

Account Director, London

Julie Mrkvičková

Sales Development Representative, London

Kai Sampford

Sales Development Representative, London

Sage Nolan

Morale Booster, London

Elton Hunter

Morale Booster, London

Our investors and board

Mark Paterson


Kevin Tumulty

Board Member

Romain Lavault

Board Member

Bill Sexton

Board Member

Zarina Stanford

Board Member

Michel Cassius

Board Member

Simon Murdoch

Board Member

Paul McNabb

Board Member

New York

353 West 48th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10036

Phone: +1 917-795-8853

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71 Fanshaw Street, London, N1 6LA

Phone: (+44) 203 807 9220

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Sydney Customs, House, Level 3/31 Alfred St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Phone: (+61) 291 88 1625

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