The challenge

After a recent employee survey, this client wanted to improve engagement with frontline workers, and in the process improve employee satisfaction. They wanted to experiment with more effective ways to reach and enable their most important asset; their customer-facing workforce. The workers were distributed throughout the country, ranged in age from 22-65, and each had very different levels of technical aptitude. With Internal Communications split across emails, an existing Sharepoint Intranet and notice boards, they wanted to know if a smarter approach would deliver a step change.

The approach

After a very well received demo of Blink to the MD, we quickly moved forward to a field trial. We first agreed on the goals for a pilot and how we would measure success.

The priority was the 21,000 bus drivers within the organisation, so we selected 2 very different bus depots for the pilot.

Blink managed the whole process, working closely with the project sponsors, a business analyst and the local bus depot management teams. We set-up a weekly check-in call, and iterated the approach.


We started with a visit to each depot, to build relationships and understand the local needs.

For the kick-off, Blink sent a small launch team to each depot. We worked with the local teams, unions and stakeholders to get drivers set-up on Blink.

The results

The feedback from the drivers and local depot management was overwhelming.

During the last week of the pilot, 84% of users were active, 78% every day, with the average driver opening the app 6 times per day.

The feedback from the business on the pilot was phenomenal, it produced a very tangible uplift in employee satisfaction. Funding was approved to move forward with an Employee App solution.

“This is the best thing Stagecoach have ever done”, “This is a no-brainer” and “You have no idea how much easier this has made my job”

Project Feedback

The project team were recognised for;

Speed of delivery

The pilot was completed in just four weeks, which based on the employee feedback then allowed the project to move on to the next phase: the rollout. This was also completed before the target deadline despite the challenge of reaching 145 depots in two months.

Quality of the solution

Blink became an employee favorite because it helped bus drivers reduce busywork through digitizing processes. Instead, they could spend this time with their families or delivering better customer experiences.

Value for money

The client was considering purchasing an iPad for each depot and with new iPads available from $329, this would have $47,705 across 145 depots nationwide. That’s without mentioning the budget saved on reducing printing costs!

Innovative, agile approach

Here at Blink, we put employees first. We work with our clients to identify processes to make their frontline workers’ lives easier through technology and we help put those solutions into place—employee satisfaction is guaranteed to follow!

Excellent results

Ultimately, the proof is in the numbers. Your employees will love Blink because they can get instant feedback and Blink gives them a voice. And as a result, our average client sees 5x higher engagement and 3x higher reach compared to a legacy intranet.

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