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The Challenge

Elara Caring had a million-dollar communication problem.

The organization’s 32,000 carers were disconnected, with no corporate email or phone numbers. The mobile nature of their work made them even more isolated; with no channel for peer-to-peer connection, morale was low.

To book carers onto shifts, managers would call their personal phones, one by one. This led to hundreds of unfilled shifts every week – and hours of management time wasted. Carers wanted shift opportunities; they simply weren’t aware of them.

Meanwhile, critical updates were slipping between the cracks, and top-down comms were published based on instinct, not data. Elara relied on Workday to power their HR, but 3,000 password resets a month (just to view payslips) put a strain on their busy IT department.

The result? A crippling 65% annual staff turnover rate. And without a consistent onboarding process, it was becoming harder to replace these employees.

It was time for a change. Elara brought in Blink for a four-week pilot.

The Solution

Access to systems

Blink became the single destination to find everything, increasing workforce efficiency by eliminating manual processes. From SSO to automating daily tasks (i.e. paystubs, schedules, tax), Elara was able to centralize onboarding its entire workflow.

Access to conversations

Blink enabled streamlined communication company-wide, ensuring no updates got lost, and all shifts were filled. Following this, Elara was able to publicize shifts locally, measure the reach of top-down comms and highlight crisis alerts.

Access to culture

Blink strengthened Elara’s sense of community, empowering employees to share their stories, connect, and learn from one another. Today, Elara is celebrating employee feedback and recognition, enabling peer-to-peer networking and showcasing Learning & Development resources.

"We get a chance to talk to the bosses we don’t typically hear from. It’s nice to know we’re appreciated."

Tammy Hendrickson · Carer

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