Mobile-first design

With Blink, the modern digital workplace reaches deskless employees. Blink is designed for mobile users, so everything is accessible to everyone. Now, your workers can catch morning updates, find shared files, and send messages all from the palm of their hand.

Your hybrid workers get important notices even if they can’t check their email and can access company documents even if they’re not at a computer. 

With Blink, it doesn’t matter if your employee is overseeing a job site or helping a customer — they’re connected.

Real-time feed

Your employees don’t have to search for the newest posts or most up-to-date information from their teams. Their personalized Feed delivers relevant, engaging, and inspiring content to them. They actually want to open their company app. 

Blink’s digital workplace software encourages your employees to contribute their content and comment on their coworkers’ posts. 

You can guide your company’s digital workplace strategy with content moderation and tools to amplify the top stories from your employees. The feed is your way to uplift employees, gain insights, and keep everyone in the loop. 

Micro-apps for anything and everything

Forget switching applications to load task scheduling, or downloading endless tools to sign HR paperwork. Blink is an all-in-one digital workplace solution with built-in integrations to make everyone’s life easier. 

Connect your essential tools like Microsoft 365, Zapier, Trello, and more. If you need more functionality, add one of Blink’s ready-made apps or build your own.

Whatever your needs, Blink works for you. Your digital experience is safe and quick with secure access through Single Sign-On technology.

Intuitive and easy to set up

As powerful as Blink is — it’s still a snap to get running. No more training days of digital workplace software for you and your employees.

Blink is ready out of the box, and the features are designed to be straightforward, so your employees can use all the features without special instruction. 

You receive a dedicated account manager to help onboard and answer your questions from day one. Forget about the behind-the-scenes — we’ve got that covered. From updates to security to maintenance, we have it handled.  

Engaging features employees want to use

Blink isn’t just a digital workplace platform your employees have to use — It’s one they want to use.

With carefully designed features that blend seamlessly with your employee’s standard social media apps, Blink creates an employee experience that your workers want to welcome every day. On average, 99% of users open Blink every day, making it indispensable for your team. 

What are digital workplace services?

Digital workplace services are a combination of technologies that let employees connect, collaborate, and complete everyday tasks without a physical workplace. Digital workplace as a service includes communication tools, collaboration software, and cloud services.

Why do I need a digital workplace?

You can find many digital workplace benefits. Digital workplaces are easier to maintain, and they let companies attract a wider range of talent and keep them engaged remotely.

A digital workplace fosters a greater sense of teamwork and unity across all employees, even in offices that may simply be in different locations.

Overall, a digital workplace is a fantastic way to attract top talent, engage employees, and improve your company’s operational efficiency.

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