Mobile-First Intranet Solutions

You want to encourage productivity, make it easier for employees to share and access information, and connect with their colleagues. So you’re looking at intranet solutions, but you should be looking at Blink - the intranet dashboard that’s a one-stop employee engagement solution.
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Our employee intranet is a powerful internal comms tool that’s also portable

Your workforce wants to work, so empower them to get more done with Blink: the intranet solution you need, plus a whole lot more. Enhance communication, sharing, and employee engagement with a single easy to use app

Strengthen Internal Comms

Communication happens in all directions when businesses use Blink. You give your workers resources and feedback, and they have a voice in your company.

Streamline Sharing

Blink breaks down barriers to collaboration so employees across teams can work together toward shared goals, so success comes more quickly.

Support Your Workforce

Disconnect is a big problem in the modern workplace. Blink helps frontline, remote, and in-office employees feel equally engaged in your company culture.

An Intranet Solution that Does More…

Your company deserves an intranet solution that’s more than just an information repository. Putting the data your employees need to do their jobs in one place is important, but knowledge management is only the first step.

Does your intranet let everyone in the company share engaging content? Can you publicly recognize employees who go above and beyond the call of duty? Is it a place where the company culture is reinforced and key messages are prioritized over less important ones? Can you do things on your company intranet — as opposed to just reading them?

Blink is the mobile intranet solution that motivates and engages your employees while helping them do what they need to do and grow in their roles. When your employees have Blink in their pockets, they know what they need to do, have the tools they need to do it right then and there, and know that help and feedback are only a quick message away.

…And is More Accessible

Now ask yourself whether your current intranet meets the needs of your less technologically capable employees. Does it require workers to sit down at a desktop machine to use? When employees log in, is their workday enhanced or is it interrupted? Does personalizing it practically take a programming background?

Blink is simple and easy to set up, so you’re not spending a lot on consultants or developers to get it up and running. You don’t need to hold lengthy training seminars that disengage your employees from their duties. It’s as easy to use as social media.


Communicate better

Rock walls and Aloha Fridays are less important to employee happiness than feeling heard. Blink gives every one of your workers a platform from which to contribute.


Engage anywhere

When remote employees feel connected to your organizational goals and appreciated for their contribution thanks to Blink, they will deliver more consistent value.


Prioritize effectively

No more communications bloat. When employees log in to Blink, they see what they need first, whether that’s benefits info, client files, or an invite to game night.


Let workers work

Interruptions are frustrating. Blink replaces unnecessary meetings and email threads so your employees can spend more time doing what they do best.


Support growth

Share skill building info and learning opportunities, and even manage course registration and attendance right in Blink so you can track who’s growing.


Improve customer service

Blink gives your frontline employees faster access to accurate information so your customers have a better overall experience.

Intranet Solutions Versus an Employee App

Blink does everything your existing employee intranet does, but better. A feature-rich employee app like Blink isn’t just one tool, but many. It integrates with the apps and software tools you’re using now, puts everything employees need to get the job done in one place, encourages two-way communication, and automates the kinds of administrative processes that take up valuable work time. Employee engagement goes up, and so does your ROI.

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