Your employees never have to leave Blink 

Is your business using Slack for Internal Communications, but other apps for everything else? You can be sure your staff’s attention is elsewhere. With Blink, you have every core functionality in one place: Newsfeed, Hub, Intranet, conversations and Micro-Apps. 

With our huge range of integrations, you can be sure employees will never need to go anywhere else. And if you want to be sure they have read an update? You can write a ‘Priority Post’, which ensures every employee reads and ‘acknowledges’ your post. With Slack, you have no way of knowing whether employees are checking each channel.


Blink helps you organize your workflow

Slack is perfect for basic conversations. But what is the purpose of those conversations? Sometimes it’s unclear. Blink lets you share important announcements, vital project data, calendars, shift updates, or any other crucial business updates. For businesses with frontline teams, not being able to prioritize workloads is a major issue. That’s one of the key reasons Blink is the Number 1 in Slack Alternatives.


Blink is better value for money 

One of the main categories when looking for Slack Competitors is pricing. Slack pricing starts at $6.77 per month, whereas Blink is only $3.42. Considering how much more you get for your money with Blink - like priority support, full custom branding, and API access –  the price is a no-brainer.

Blink works out far cheaper in the long run because it offers features that you would need to pay for via another app if you were using Slack. These include a Content Management Hub, Micro-Apps and an Employee Newsfeed. And that’s just the beginning.

Smarter tracking

Blink wins for analytics

You’ve rolled out an employee app for internal communications – but how do you know if it’s working? Robust Workplace Analytics are key in helping you understand where you’re going right – and wrong. 

Slack analytics are fine for channel use, but they don’t give a comprehensive overview of what people are using the app for. With Blink, the main Slack Competitor, you can see: what tools are being used. Which messages are going unread. The files that are unopened. Blink gives stats for every post, so you can be safe in the knowledge every piece of content is being seen by the right person.

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