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What's in Blink?


Social and company newsfeed

Comms campaigns

Content creation studio

Real-time chat

Rewards and Recognition

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Seamlessly integrate with the tools you already use

Custom workflows (leave requests, payslips, schedules)

Content management system

Enterprise and API integrations 

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Employee surveys and polls 

Workforce analytics

Employee retention, satisfaction and engagement data

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Single sign-on 

User provisioning

Universal directory

App marketplace

User authentication 

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Have valuable conversations with your workforce.

Hear and respond to stories on the company Feed.

Offer simple, familiar, fast interactions like chatting, liking, and commenting, and watch employee engagement skyrocket.

Connect with everyone — whether behind a desk or on-site — through secure one-on-one and group chats.

Celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, and recognition for great work.

Bridge the gap between executives, management and the Frontline.


Get critical info to those who need it – faster.

Tailor notifications, and pin vital information to the top of the Feed.

Guarantee compliance by ensuring employees 'acknowledge' critical communications.

Create engaging, professional-looking content with our user-friendly editing toolkit.

Manage user roles so that the right people are interacting in the right ways.

Send information and resources out to the people who need them, right away.

"There was no way for me to just quickly reach everybody who didn't have an email, which is majority of the workforce. Blink has helped us solve our issues with reaching our frontline staff through an accessible and easy piece of technology. "

Brittney Schlachter, Communication Specialist · The Rapid

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Digital identity

Simple user management in one place.

Keep using the systems you love: external apps are accessible inside Blink, without a password, through single sign-on.

Instantly find colleagues using their name, job title, location, department, line manager, skills, contact information, and more.

Ensure deeper security throughout your digital channels with multi-factor authentication.

Automate employee onboarding and offboarding. No more admin, no more errors.

Reduce stress, increase productivity.


Act on the data that matters.

Dig deep into what makes your workers tick – with rich data on employee engagement, satisfaction, retention, and more.

See what content performs best, and when, with trending posts and topics.

Ask questions with tools you already use (like Typeform), or get answers to critical questions quickly with in-app polls.

Learn about problems that frontline workers are facing faster — so you can solve them faster, too.

Stop guessing and know what's going on.

"Blink is helping us to solve internal issues by bringing them to the surface in the first place. "

Don Keigher, Transformation Director · Government Facilities Services Limited


Tailor-make the app your team needs

Customize to fit your tech stack — enterprise integrations, API integrations, custom applications — if you want it, we can build it.

Replace clunky intranets and unused emails with chats, social feeds, document storage, and more.

Layer on personalized workflows (leave requests, payslips, schedules) that make your day-to-day smooth and familiar.

Make Blink feel like you, with company colors, logo and pictures.

Get rid of old systems that frustrate management and frontline staff.

Build up your Frontline, build up your business.

When you provide mobile access to the people, processes, and communications that Frontline workers need, your team feels heard, you solve problems faster, and your organization thrives.

Access starts with a simple user experience — Blink feels familiar and easy to use for all.

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