Messaging that brings your company together.

Blinks world-class chat feature brings your organization together with groups and one-to-one chats. Blinks secure chats come with bundles of extra features. Giving you everything you need to stay productive, stay in control and keep you close to your colleagues no matter where you are.

Secure Direct and Group chats.

With the entire company at your fingertips, you can spin up a direct with a single tap.

Direct chats remain private between you and the other person while group chats can be used for social or work-related topics with access managed by each chats administrators.

Share content with individuals or groups.

Share, images, gifs, videos, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, slideshows and more, without the hassle of email or file-sharing apps.

Best of all... everything you share with someone is easily accessible from the chat sidebar and Blink search.

Restricted chats for one way comms.

When you need a way of communicating with a group of people but don't want lots of responses we've got you covered. Start a chat and restrict posting to admins only.

Start online meetings with everyone in any chat.

Automatically spin up a voice or video meeting with everyone in a particular chat. All you need to do is type /meeting and we'll take care of the rest.

Formatted messages.

Our rich text editor makes it easy to add basic formatting to your messages including Bold, Italics, bullet lists, numbered lists and code blocks.

Little things make a big difference.

Blinks Secure Chat feature gives you everything you need and expect in a chat app and then a bit more.


Like group chats, Channels membership is based on the members of a team who can come and go as they wish.


From celebrating with confetti cannons to deciding who makes the tea, Superpowers enable you to do more in chats.

Notification controls

Stay in control of your notifications and make sure that only important messages interrupt you.


Favorite your most frequently used chats for quicker access.


Highlight parts of or entire messages to store them for a later date.

Reply and Forward

Reply to other messages or forward a message onto another chat or The Feed.

GIF Picker

Find and share the perfect GIF or create and upload your own.

Emoji Support

All Blink apps support the latest list of emojis allowing you to inject extra emotion to your message 😲

Share locations

Whether you want to share your current location or a meeting point. We've made that easy.

Opt in ... or sit out

You're in control. Blink lets you choose which chats you want to be part of.

Experience Blink for yourself

You can try Blink Intranet free for 14 days. We’re confident your entire team will love Blink. If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll return every penny you've paid.