Introducing Hub: A More Robust Intranet Software Alternative

Blink is a full-scale, mobile intranet software and app, with Hub as its central feature. Now, employees can quickly access policies, procedures, and guides in one convenient place—resulting in a more engaged, more productive workforce.

Key Files are Accessible Wherever People Need Them

No app switching necessary! Use Hub to share the documents and other content that empower your workforce.

Hub makes your files easily available to the teams that need them, on the mobile devices they always have with them.

Our native mobile apps support built-in document previews to reduce fatigue, frustration, and burnout caused by app-switching. Intranet software has never been this useful.

A Productivity Boost for Frontline Workers

Store policies, procedures, rotas, pitch decks, manuals, health and safety information, and more in Hub.

Make them all available to your frontline workforce via our award-winning mobile intranet software.

Hub gives everyone what they need, right on their device. No more paper copies. Centralized file management = less time wasted hunting down resources = more productivity.

Frontline Workers are Empowered

Garage mechanics can access engineering manuals without workflow disruptions, whether they’re working on fleets of buses or individual cars.

Comms are Clear and Accurate

Everyone on the job site is on the same page when project updates, timeline changes, and emergency notifications are shared on Hub with your construction crew and foremen.

Always Up To Date

With Blink’s intranet software, retail workers can see new additions to inventory, evolving sales goals, and scheduling updates in real time.

Hub Has Powerful Administration Tools

Your employee intranet stays organized because documents on Hub are managed by Blink administrators through our simple file manager.

It's easy to upload and share resources, making them instantly available to your workforce, but you control who has access and when.

Our straightforward sharing model means you'll never share files to the wrong audience. It’s an extra layer of security and privacy built right into our mobile intranet software.

Intranet Portal Software That’s More Than Just Files and Folders

Blink integrates with hundreds of other software platforms and applications, by itself and with Zapier.

Create and share shortcuts with your Teams so that resources (files, forms, documents, videos, and more) stored elsewhere can still be found and accessed through Hub.

You can also publish Micro-Apps in Hub to empower the right teams with the right workflow processes.

One Destination for Documents… and More

Hub's familiar folder structure makes it easy for employees to find what they're looking for. Even if they’re not technically savvy.

Easily understood and highly available, Hub works seamlessly alongside Blink's Feed and

Messaging features to form the backbone of our modern mobile intranet software.

Blink is the only app your employees need to stay engaged and get the job done. More than just a document storage solution, Blink is a collaborative digital workspace.

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