A productivity boost for your frontline

Accessing important information and documents is hard work for the frontline worker who doesn't have access to a desktop computer.

The Hub on Blink revolutionizes their experience by storing everything in one place, from policies, schedules and manuals to health and safety information and more.

Easy to find, effortless to manage

Make life easier at HQ as well as on the frontline, with a portal that's as easy to manage as it is to use. With Blink's drag & drop interface, you can populate the Hub with the right documents and links in minutes.

Create and distribute forms and surveys

The Hub isn't just a place for distributing information - it's where your frontline goes to access processes.

Use our native Digital Forms and Surveys, or integrate with your existing tools to give your frontline team an easy way to submit information.

Expand Blink with Micro-Apps and create absolutely anything

Micro-apps are mini-programs built on top of Blink and distributed via Hub.

If Blink doesn't do something out of the box, micro-apps can do it. Let your mind go wild. If you need a new tool, micro-apps are the thing for you.

Give instant access to everything with the Hub on Blink

Put safety first

With no room for error on frontline safety, make sure every team member has the health and safety information they need

Digitize paystubs

Save on paper, process and pain by making paystubs digitally available at the touch of a button

Incident reporting in a click

Increase reporting by up to 20x by making forms easy to complete and send

Streamline onboarding

Give new joiners a head start by putting all their essential materials and information in one place

Keep information secure

Blink's Hub is GDPR-compliant, ensuring that critical information is stored according to the highest privacy standards

Support DEI

Accessing critical information for minority groups, such as DEI policies or support groups, is made easy with the Hub

Streamline expansion

Bring new teams and locations up-to-speed quickly and efficiently with access to everything they need from day one.

Cut down on passwords

More passwords, more pain (for the frontline and the IT team) - lighten the load by bringing everything under one login

Access learning

Transform the opportunity for the frontline to access learning and development content, and nurture your best talent

And there's more...


Add links to useful websites and distribute them via Hub.

Quick Links

Quick Links give your people quicker access to the most frequently used Hub content.

Featured content

Highlight the most vital content front and center, so everyone knows where to find what.


Simplify password management with single sign-on to your tools.


Learn which content your team engages with the most.


Post content as yourself or as an alias.

Share Hub content

All content can be shared directly from the Admin Portal or using share links.

The Hub in action: Elara Caring

Read how one of the largest home care providers in the US uses the Hub to make daily life for over 30,000 carers easier

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