As Blink's central feature, Hub allows employees to quickly access policies, procedures, and guides in one convenient place—resulting in a more engaged and productive workforce.

A productivity boost for your Frontline.

Store policies, procedures, schedules, pitch decks, manuals, health and safety information, and more in Hub.

Make content easier than ever to find.

Make content easy to find by organizing it with our drag & drop interface.

You can also add Quick Links to key information and mark other content as featured.

Preview documents inline.

Upload existing content to Hub and allow your team to access and view your content no matter where they are or what device they are on.

Publish beautiful & engaging content.

Blinks built-in text editor makes creating, editing and distributing, beautiful and responsive articles effortless.

It's jam packed with all the features you would expect on the latest online blogging or publishing platforms.

Create and distribute forms and surveys.

Either using your existing tools or using our form builder create and distribute forms and surveys around your organization.

Expand Blink with Micro-Apps and create absolutely anything.

Micro-apps are mini-programs built on top of Blink and distributed via Hub.

If Blink doesn't do something out of the box, micro-apps can do it. Let your mind go wild. If you need a new tool, micro-apps are the thing for you.

And there's more...


Add links to useful websites and distribute them via Hub.

Quick Links

Quick Links give your people quicker access to the most frequently used Hub content.

Featured content

Highlight the most vital content front and center, so everyone knows where to find what.


Simplify password management with single sign-on to your tools.


Learn which content your team engages with the most.


Post content as yourself or as an alias.

Share Hub content

All content can be shared directly from the Admin Portal or using share links.

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