Keep your Frontline informed

Share updates and news directly into employee feeds, where it's easy for everyone to stay up to date.

With CEO videos, company announcements, and priority alerts, everyone can engage and will pull in the same direction.

Connect with the people closest to your customers.

Surface information and ideas that were previously locked away through likes and comments or use realtime polls to get measurable feedback and move forward faster.

Your employees are as important as your customers.

Familiar and intuitive.

Employees love using the Feed because it's familiar and fits around their busy Frontline schedule.

It's fast and easy to stay up to date between shifts, customers, or during travel time.

The Feed keeps Frontline staff productive, trained and informed. It reduces time spent on non-core tasks by up to 90%.

Notify your audience.

To ensure that people don't miss important information, authors of a post can opt to send a push notification to everyone that the post is being sent to.

Measure and report on your reach.

Each post has built-in analytics so you can reliably measure the reach of your internal messaging across your frontline teams.

You can quickly prove your return on investment and see which content resonates best. Adjust your approach each time to keep growing your engagement.

Actionable Feed posts.

Every card that appears in the Feed can be actioned with a like or comment but the Feed is much more than that.

Approve annual leave, sign-off a discount in Salesforce, acknowledge a high-priority alert, like a sales win, comment on a business update, or simply swipe to dismiss a notification.

Featured posts.

Boost high-priority news or celebrate success by pinning featured posts for a number of days.

Priority posts.

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your team sees content by making it a priority post - it doesn’t go away until they read and acknowledge it.

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