Protect and grow your Microsoft 365 investment.

Microsoft 365 is a solid suite that offers lots of value. But on the frontline, usage rates are low – between 5-20% on average.

Blink solves this. We streamline the power of Microsoft 365; integrate its capabilities; and add complimentary features — all in a single app. Enjoy seamless integration with the most popular MS365 apps within Blink.

No fees. No switching. One download.

Harness the power of SharePoint.

Experience SharePoint from inside the Blink app. Our native integration with SharePoint Online and OneDrive makes puts the power in the palm of your hand.

  • Make SharePoint content available for all key workers. 

  • Wave goodbye to multiple document repositories.

  • Find any document with Universal Search.

  • Access files and folders directly within Blink.

  • Manage all policies, procedures, and documents centrally.

No license? No problem!

Our integration gives all employees seamless access to SharePoint documents within Blink, whether they have a Microsoft 365 license or not.

Get your people in sync with Azure Active Directory.

Onboarding and offboarding just got a whole lot easier. Make user creation and de-provisioning a breeze by synchronizing Blink and Azure in real-time. Reduce the strain on your IT team and relax in the knowledge that all profile data is accurate and up-to-date, no matter what.

What's in the integration?


Display and access all SharePoint sites and content within Blink.


Surface folders and document previews with Universal Search.


Show your daily agenda with direct calendar import.


Create and join Teams meetings in seconds via Blink chat.


Add PowerApps as shortcuts that take you anywhere.

Azure Active Directory

Real-time Active Directory sync makes user provisioning effortless.

Blink and Microsoft 365 FAQ

Why isn't Microsoft enough on its own?

Fragmentation: Microsoft 365 functionality is split across multiple applications, with both Sharepoint and OneDrive used for storage. While this may be acceptable in an office environment, frontline workers are unlikely to download 6+ apps onto their personal phone.

Confusion: For anyone new to Microsoft 365, the applications are far from self-explanatory. Frontline workers don't automatically know which tool they need to perform a particular task, meaning additional training is required.

Desk-based UI: Microsoft’s desktop-first interface requires screen real estate that’s unavailable on mobile platforms. It’s impossible to offer frontline workers the slick, frictionless user experience they have come to expect from mobile-first consumer apps.

Can I integrate with my existing SharePoint site?

You can add SharePoint site libraries, folders and files to the Blink Hub, making them easier to access and view.

Not all my staff have Microsoft 365 licences. Does Blink support this?

Blink supports using Microsoft accounts for login and user management for licenced users. For those without, we offer One-Time Passwords and manual bulk account management.

Does Blink work with Power Apps?

You can add Power Apps to the Blink Hub as shortcuts. The user must have the appropriate licence, and the Power App must have been shared with them.

Can I remove Microsoft 365 licences from my frontline if I have Blink?

Yes! Many of our customers have made a significant cost saving by removing Microsoft 365 licences after deploying Blink. Improvements currently in test will allow you to share stored Sharepoint documents with all Blink users, regardless of whether they have Microsoft accounts.

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