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It’s super simple for your own tech team to build an app. And best of all it’s quicker and cheaper than ever before.


Access & payment cards

We built a simple app that connects to existing access and payment card systems, allowing employees to manage their card from their phones.


Absence management

We built a small micro-app for easy reporting of unplanned absence with a bot to inform line managers which connects to existing HR systems.


Project reporting

When one of our clients wanted to simplify project reporting they were able to build an app in no time that improved coverage and saved time.


Auto timesheets

Our Timesheet app combines the best of bots and micro-apps. A bot checks in with everyone, and they can use messaging to make simple changes.


Training booker

We turned a client’s small internal training booking app into a native-like mobile experience in a jiffy. Now training can be booked from anywhere.


Knowledge Search

A client had a skills database that was hard to update. We built a bot to ask employees about their skills, with a simple micro-app search engine.

Deliver better

Deliver better

Everyone is tired of bad software at work. Instant Apps let you build the consumer-like experiences your employees expect.

Easy & fast to build

Easy & fast to build

Micro-apps use HTML5 and Javascript to give a native app experience to any web app and work on desktop, mobile and tablets, from anywhere.

Our Partners

Don’t have the time to build your own apps? Get one of our partners to build them for you. They’ll have you up and running in no time.

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