Introducing Micro-apps.

From digitizing existing forms to transforming workflows, Micro-apps can do just about anything you want them to. Below, you'll find just a couple of examples of Blink Micro-apps created by some of our clients.



Created to give a 12,000 person strong workforce the benefit of instant and secure access to their pay records.


Absence management

Simplifying the process of reporting unplanned absences resulted in high quality and more accurate absence management.


Near-miss reporting

Increasing submissions by 240x! This is our most successful micro-app to date and has been replicated by many clients.

Mobile phone with example screens
Created to give a 12,000 person strong workforce the benefit of instant and secure access to their pay records.

Leave Requests

Digitizing this process enabled an entire frontline workforce to request leave without having to come to the office.


Employee Feedback

By allowing anonymous feedback, previously unheard, constructive feedback was received direct from the frontline.


Cafeteria menu

A simple but effective micro-app, that created a buzz during launch and continues to drive engagement.

Off the shelf Micro-apps.

We have a catalogue of existing Micro-apps available on a subscription basis.

If you'd like to know more about these Micro-apps, please set up a consultation with a Blink expert who will happily run you through the Micro-apps available and answer any other questions you my have.

Blink Professional Services.

Working closely with our clients, we've delivered over 100 bespoke Micro-apps that are used daily by thousands of desk based and frontline workers. Our in-house experts can help you plan and deliver Micro-apps for your organization.

Or... Build your own. It's easier than you think.

Using simple technology, you can create Micro-apps that can tap into native mobile features such as location services, pull in user details from Blink and even create a link between Blink and other tools that you use.

Micro-apps work on desktop, mobile and tablets, from anywhere making them perfect for your entire workforce.

Experience Blink for yourself

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