Staffbase is a great intranet option for any large enterprise.

In fact, there’s a lot the two of us have in common.

Both Blink and Staffbase offer mobile content, support for XL enterprises (15,000+ employees), and a centralized intranet solution. With either product, non-desk employees get access to the same information, documents, and community as those in the office.

And both are solutions that provide company-wide updates, spark conversations, and track employee engagement.

So... what makes Blink different?

We’re so glad you asked.

Blink is frontline-focused.

Staffbase is for everybody.

But Blink is for — and deeply committed to — organizations with a large frontline workforce.

That’s why, with Blink, you don’t just get an internal comms app.

You get an all-in-one employee app that gives your frontline mobile access to everything they need, every single day.

When it comes to Blink vs. Staffbase, here’s the bottom line.

Blink is best if you want to...

Support your frontline with an employee app.

Connect with people on the ground, who may not have access to email, computers, Intranet, etc.

Implement two-way communications, and have more converations.

Roll out to thousands, right away.

Take care of frontline and desk workers, in one app.

Staffbase is best if you want to...

Launch an intranet for any large enterprise.

Delight your desk-based workers, and make it easy for corporate to reach all employees.

Implement top-down communications, and control who shares what.

Take some time to build out what you need.

Prioritize your corporate employees.

Wondering why you should choose Blink? Read on.

Give your frontline access to what they need, when they need it

Beyond internal comms, Blink gives frontline workers mobile access to everything they need to reduce work-related stress and increase productivity.

That’s why the average Blink user opens the app 14 times per day (higher than most social media platforms!), and why Blink clients see staff engagement doubling at a minimum.

Unlike Blink, Staffbase isn’t always focused on the frontline’s needs. Like one Staffbase reviewer said, “The biggest obstacle for us is to get non-desk users excited about the app.”

Give your frontline access with Blink.

"Before you come to work, you are ready to do your job, which is brilliant."

Wojciech Przybytko, Bus Driver · Stagecoach

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Connect executives, managers and the frontline with two-way conversations

When employees have a clear, simple way to message their supervisors, problems on the frontline get flagged and fixed faster.

That’s why secure, one-on-one and group chats are integral to the Blink platform, and have advanced features like saving messages and file sharing.

Because Staffbase prioritizes top-down comms over two-way conversations, their platform offers basic chats as a paid add-on to advanced subscriptions, with a max of 128 users allowed to chat.

Integrate and customize without limits — you need it, we build it.

Strengthen your tech stack by seamlessly integrating your existing tools with Blink, and building micro-apps on top of it.

Blink offers integrations with thousands of apps through Single-Sign-On (SSO) — that means you can keep your current systems and reach them all in one app, with just one password.

Staffbase’s out-of-the-box integrations with popular frontline apps are more limited, and lack the ability to integrate local platforms for mobile via SSO.

Tailor-make the app that you and your frontline need.

"“Compared to similar platforms, Blink really has this ability to integrate very easily to other third-party systems and to expand what was there already... For the driver, [to have]  a single tool that they can open up in the morning and get all the operational utilities and tools they need there during the whole day — that is really where [Blink] sticks out above everybody else.” "

Eric Eijgenhuijsen, Group Technology Director · Metroline

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Give your frontline workers an easier day, every day, with a user-friendly employee app

Blink feels familiar and easy to use for folks at all comfort levels with technology.

Staffbase, on the other hand, is designed like an intranet, with a static (rather than interactive) format.

While this works well for information storage, it often takes several clicks for a user to get what they need, and which reviewers say can sometimes be “unintuitive and hard to understand.”

Give staff one-click access to everything they need.

"It is easy to use, and just like other social media platforms, meaning that take-up by staff has been easy to achieve with minimal input and training. "

Managing Director · Transit

Roll out in days or weeks – no matter the size of your workforce

We’ll help you go live in as little as 24 hours, with a hands-off IT experience for your team.

Everyone on your frontline has a smartphone in their pocket — that’s why we send text invites directly to their devices, where they can download the app with one click.

Staffbase requires more time to set up, and while desk-workers adopt it quickly, some reviewers say it’s “a challenge” to get non-desk workers to download the app.

Launch your frontline employee app, ASAP.

"The team promised us Blink would be really easy to set up… And they were right! The competitors we looked at took months to set up – and required lots of heavy lifting on our part. Not Blink. It was way, way easier than we could possibly have hoped for. "

John Godden · Salutem

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Put urgent messages first and guarantee compliance

Blink allows users to customize their notifications, so they can minimize noise without missing high-priority messages that are vital for the frontline workforce.

Admins can send push notifications, and they can even mark posts as “mandatory” (requiring everyone to acknowledge it). Users can switch notifications on and off, and follow or unfollow posts.

Staffbase also enables push notifications to alert users to certain updates, but there’s no way to tailor these notifications or elevate posts to “urgent” status.

Phew! Let’s sum all that up, shall we?

Blink is an employee app that empowers you to...

Boost frontline engagement with one-app access to everything workers need.

Connect to your frontline via two-way communication.

Have more efficient conversations with people on the ground.

Customize without limits, and integrate with frontline-first apps.

Give your frontline workers a user-friendly, familiar app.

Roll out right away, even if you have thousands of staff.

Staffbase is an intranet solution that enables you to...

Delight desk-based workers with an internal comms solution.

Streamline one-way communication.

Add basic chats as a paid feature to advanced subscriptions (with a user cap).

Implement out-of-the-box integrations with desk-based apps.

Offer a static digital environment that feels more like an intranet.

Spend some time setting up and getting non-desk staff to adopt the platform.

Send basic push notifications.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

We default to total transparency — it’s one of our core values.

If you have a question you don’t see on this list, email us at

How do Blink and Staffbase compare on price?

Blink offers four pricing levels based on company size:

Essential: $3.40 per person, per month Business: Price on application Enterprise: Price on application Enterprise Plus: Price on application

Staffbase structures its pricing based on the number of features you use, and provides quotes on a case-by-case basis only.

It’s also important to note that Blink’s platform upgrades are included, and that our pricing is flexible enough to accommodate your organization’s growth over time.

Staffbase offers a full branded app in the app store. Can Blink offer that?

We can make you a fully branded app, but it usually comes with an extra cost. That said, we’ve found that employees often prefer a non-branded, third-party app on their personal phones, because it makes them feel like their privacy is better protected. But basic tweaks, like adding your company logo, for example, we can do easily!

Staffbase has pretty robust analytics. How does Blink compare?

Pretty well, if we do say so ourselves! Blink has an amazing new analytics suite that tracks engagement, turnover, satisfaction, and more, alongside interaction analytics.

Staffbase offers integrations with Microsoft 365 and SAP. Can Blink do this too?

Can we, ever! Not only do we integrate MS365 and SAP, but we also integrate with SharePoint and with all of the most popular frontline apps. Single-Sign-On means all external content is accessible inside the app, with just one password.

When it comes to Staffbase alternatives for the frontline, Blink is #1.

Book a demo to find out why.