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Better value for money

If you're wondering 'What is Workplace by Facebook?', it presents itself as a free communication app. However, you’ll discover quickly that the only useful functionality is only available in the paid version, Facebook Workplace Premium. And it's widely agreed that Workplace by Facebook Premium cost is simply not worth it. 

The functionality is still weak in comparison to Blink’s enterprise app. Blink offers an off-the-shelf SaaS product that is far superior, and requires no training or software knowledge. 

For example, Blink employee app features custom Micro-apps that organizations can design themselves, as well as powerful Workplace Analytics. That’s why Blink is the team collaboration platform that presents better value for money than the Workplace by Facebook app. And why Blink is the best option when it comes to alternatives to facebook workplace.

Seamless integrations

One of the major drawbacks of Workplace by Facebook is integrations. Admins are the only people who can add third-party apps to specific groups. 

Workplace standard offers extremely basic and limited app integrations. Blink integrates seamlessly with the business apps you already use, like Office 365, Google Drive, Dropbox – and 1,500 more. Not only that, but Blink lets you customize the app with multiple themes: branding, colours, logo and more. That’s why Blink is a stellar choice when looking at Facebook Workplace alternatives. 

Our clients report skyrocketing employee engagement when they deploy the Blink team app across desktop and mobile devices. So, in a comparison of Facebook Workplace review, and Blink employee app review, Blink comes out on top in all categories.

Employee engagement

Large corporations regularly shell out thousands of pounds to drive internal communications by building custom solutions. However, these apps don't tend to inspire collaboration across teams – the efforts tend to be heavily siloed. 

The Facebook Workplace app encourages this division because different downloads are required for different teams. Blink employee engagement app, however, is an organizational communications tool that goes further than a company intranet.

 If you're wondering what is Workplace by Facebook, the truth is it can be an effective option. That is, as long as you can accept the capability for sharing unique and personalized content will be very limited. 

With Blink, you can publish updates and schedules. Employees can find what they need easily across platforms. Plus, everyone in your organization can collaborate regardless of where they are - all through a single portal. So, when it comes to employee retention and facebook workplace alternatives. Blink does a better job all-round.

Collaboration, simplified

Blink is purpose-built for team collaboration. We offer everything you need for internal communication, to store files, and network with colleagues at your fingertips. Every conversation happens in real-time, in the same place. 

Blink acts as the gateway for all your other apps to come together. In one simple app, you can find tasks, images, post videos and more. Blink makes it so easy to centralize content and collaborate with team-mates via the people directory. Everything runs seamlessly from the same unified hub.

However, on fb workplace, you have to download two separate apps: one to have discussions, and another for documents and tasks. 

That means collaboration tools are spread across different platforms and multiple facebook workplace features. So, you need to constantly toggle between them. That’s not to mention using the Workplace Facebook login each time! 

Therefore, Blink is the obvious choice if you're looking for a collaboration app that is better than Facebook Workplace. In fact, every time there is a Facebook workplace review, Blink wins.

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