An employee app that’s more than an intranet

It’s amazing how a simple ‘message received’ can reduce frustration at all levels of an organization. Or how employees who understand their benefits are happier and more productive. Blink’s employee app can do things that a simple branded intranet, O365, and GSuite can’t, like keep track of next year’s production schedule, connect employees to HR and help create a rock-solid company culture that improves employee retention.

Information where it’s needed

Blink keeps the most important information in your organization easily accessible, so your employees never have to chase down what they need to succeed.

No more app switching

Many of the tools your teams are already using can be integrated with Blink, so your employees will spend less time toggling between software.

A total communication solution

Your employees can customize Blink so they never miss out on important information they need. You can be sure all communications will reach their targets.

Say goodbye to endless meetings and email threads

A lot of what’s accomplished in meetings and email threads can be checked off more quickly and more efficiently with Blink.


Share your priorities

Whether you’re looking ahead to next quarter or next year, you can get your team up to speed on Blink.


Announce schedules

Your yearly calendar shouldn’t be hard to find. Make it easier for employees to request time off any time with Blink’s employee app.


Keep everything handy

Employees can find what they need, when they need it, whether it’s a shared file or next month’s calendar - no emails required.


Clarify benefits packages

You can share any changes to your company’s benefits packages in Blink. When employees have questions? They can ask them right in the app.


Give employees a voice

The people in your organization will be more engaged because they know they can share their ideas, concerns and even fun stuff in Blink at any time.


Improve teamwork

Employees in the field will feel more like part of your team when they’re using Blink because they have access to all of the same resources your in-office workers do.

It’s time for multi-directional communication

Your workers want to make the most of their skills and strengths, and Blink is the employee app that lets them do that. Unlike most intranets and employee apps, Blink keeps information flowing in both directions. You can disseminate information efficiently and be sure that employees have seen your top-down messages. They can share their input, opinions and customer insights with each other and with management. Staff feedback can be an invaluable asset when you’re planning for your company’s future.

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