With Blink, your employees can access everything they need to succeed.

Internal communications matter more than most people realize. Enhance collaboration, documentation, sharing, and vital processes with Blink’s online intranet solutions employee app, and watch employee satisfaction and workforce retention go way up.

Blink for Transport

Your frontline workforce can access important updates, rotas, near-miss reports, and securely access HR tasks before they even get to work.

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Blink for Construction

Is your workforce out in the field? With Blink, employees can ask questions, acknowledge urgent notices, access and file documentation, and share updates.

Blink for Hospitality

Empower your workforce to invest more in the customer experience by taking administrative tasks off of their plates with an efficient intranet dashboard.

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A personalized, mobile-first intranet dashboard.

Blink is not another cookie-cutter intranet. Every employee in your organization gets their own highly personalized feed with a priority-first flow of information, including actionable items, notifications, videos, and workflow tasks. Frontline workers have everything they need to stay productive and up-to-date, and to answer customer questions right at their fingertips.

It’s more than just an information repository, a messaging tool, a place to store and sort data, or an HR toolkit. Blink’s customizable employee app keeps your entire workforce connected and engaged, whether they’re in your office, behind a register, or an ocean away.



Putting resources in one place means employees can find information and complete tasks right there in Blink. Less time switching between apps = more productivity = more job satisfaction.



Time spent searching for files is time wasted. Anything that has been added to Blink or mentioned in a conversation becomes instantly searchable - including documents, emails, messages, and app data.



No more digging for needles in haystacks. When employees log in to Blink, they see the information they need first, whether that’s benefits info, client files, or an invite to game night. And they can find everything else in the Hub.

Mobile phone with example screens
Putting resources in one place means employees can find information and complete tasks right there in Blink. Less time switching between apps = more productivity = more job satisfaction.


With Blink, you can curate the information each employee sees so vital messaging doesn’t get lost in a flood of generic updates. Don’t see what you need? Build a micro-app that solves your unique challenge.



Blink Teams let you bring people, content, and workflows together so you can organize teams around common goals, resources, and conversations. Working together has never been easier.



Notify employees about events, news, policies, forms, accolades, training, and project updates without scheduling another meeting or sending out a single email. Blink is an all-in-one engagement solution.

A new kind of employee experience.

Fact: Employees stick around when they know their contributions matter and that their opinions count. Company outings are great, but more and more organizations are realizing that creating a great employee experience is about communication.

Blink’s robust communications features not only let you equip employees with useful tools, but also empower you to motivate your employees and to help them grow in their roles. Giving your workforce help, feedback, encouragement, and a listening ear is easier, which means employees will feel appreciated, supported, and inspired to go above and beyond the call of duty.

All the tools you need in one place.

Switching between apps is distracting, but most of us assume it’s a necessary part of the way we work in the modern world. When you need documents, they’re in one app. Group chats happen in another. Workflows are stored here, and onboarding information is stored there. Your intranet handles calendar updates and leave requests.

So, what if we told you that Blink puts more of the tools your employees need in one place? Blink integrates with business systems and applications, including: G Suite, Microsoft 365, Jira, Salesforce, GitHub, SAP, Trello, Dropbox, Oracle, IBM Connections, Sage, And more!

And that's not all.

Blink also works with Zapier too, so you can instantly connect our employee app with 1,000+ other apps to give your total workforce the best possible employee experience.

Blink does everything that your existing intranet dashboard does… but it does it better and it does more. Try it, and discover how employee engagement can lead to better ROI.

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