The Listen Initiative

Feeling unheard is demoralising.

We may think we’re listening to someone, but that doesn’t always mean the other person feels heard.

Our research shows that health and care workers overwhelmingly feel unheard. Unsurprisingly, the same research showed 50% are considering leaving, or have recently left, their jobs.

A crisis is unfolding and it will impact every one of us – unless we act now.

In the press, this is often referred to as a recruitment crisis. It's not: it's a retention crisis.

People are leaving because we haven’t changed, and they won’t stop until we do.

The pandemic has stretched health and social care workers to their breaking point, but the underlying issues go further back and run deeper. For too long, we’ve turned a blind eye to the reality of the day-to-day lives of health and social care workers.

Higher wages and improved benefits must be part of the solution, but we need to go further: all roles in health and social care must get the status and respect they deserve.

It’s time to listen. It’s time to make changes that say:

We’re on your side. We hear you.’’

That’s what this campaign aims to do.

Survey findings

Our research, led by Brandspeak, surveyed 1,000 frontline healthcare and social care workers over the age of 18.

We received a range of qualitative and quantitive data, including direct quotes from respondents data which influenced the direction of the campaign: amplifying frontline voices.

Design solution

Coming up with a respectful way to raise awareness and celebrate frontline voices was never going to be easy.

After brainstorms, iterations, scrapped ideas and do-overs we decided on a simple typographic approach.

It didn't seem right to do anything distract from what mattered: amplifying frontline voices. We didn't want to talk over them – or for them.

'Listen' uses direct quotes from healthcare workers to express the power of listening.

When you look closely, you can see everyone's individual voice. When you step back, you see their unified message.

What can we do?

The message from frontline workers in health and social care is loud and clear.

Respect us. Take us seriously. Learn from our knowledge and experience 

It’s a message all of us need to hear – and act on.

Summary and tips

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