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Upgrade your Intranet to a Digital Employee Experience Portal & App.

Reach and engage your entire workforce. Improve productivity. Put everything in one place. Simple to set-up and free to try. Get started now.
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Over 1,000 companies have used Blink to transform Internal Communications in their organisations
Here's what people say about Blink

Blink has transformed our Internal Communication. We reach everyone with a consistent message and employee feedback has been amazing!

Product Director, Pearson PLC
Product Director, Pearson PLC
Managing Director, Opticore IT
Sales and Marketing Manager, Forumloft
Managing Director, Kogitas
IT Director, Streamline Corporate
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Improve frontline employee engagement

Your frontline workers are experts on your customers and your products. Give them the information and tools they need to be successful.

Your internal communication mobile app

Blink is the app built to deliver employee engagement for today's dynamic, modern workforce.

You’ll see 5x higher engagement with your content and 3x the reach with Blink vs a mobile intranet. 81% of Blink users open the app every single day.

You can get started now and Blink is free for up to 20 people, with apps for mobile, desktop and web.

Your internal communication mobile app

Improve internal comms and productivity

At the core of your new employee app is a Feed, a Hub, a Directory and Chat.

The Feed is where colleagues share updates, photos, videos, polls, documents, links, priority alerts and much more.

The Hub is for your key content, documents, policies, brochures and guides.

The Directory and Chat round off the app, meaning everything is in one place.

Improve internal comms and productivity
All the actions from all of the apps in one smart feed

Put every action from every app into Blink's smart feed. We integrate with these and many more apps.


Quickly access your files, calendars emails and more wherever you are.


Manage contacts, track opportunities, and close deals faster.


Automatically moves info between Blink and the other apps you use during your day.


Jira helps every team reach their full potential with powerful workflow and project tracking.


Manage your team's help desk ticketing, issue tracking, and customer service support.


Data from your Blink and SAP systems stays in sync without manual intervention.


Approve changes and manage incidents


Surface calendar entries, emails and files on Google Drive


HR tasks right at your fingertips, update your details and check payslips.

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See how Blink transforms the employee communication for frontline workers

The best tools for internal communication

Measure post reach, impressions and engagement (comments and likes) in realtime. So you can see which content is working.

Choose to send out a push notification, disable comments, schedule a post for the future and even schedule an expiry date.

Blink includes all the tools you need to manage your internal communications strategy!

The best tools for internal communication

Search all your apps from one place

When you need to share information, often the first challenge is to find it.

With Blink a single search finds records in ServiceNow, Salesforce and JIRA as well as files in OneDrive, GDrive and Dropbox.

Give your people access to the right data, at the right time, and enable secure file sharing from mobile devices, tablets or PCs.

Search all your apps from one place

Integrate with O365, Sharepoint and G-Suite

Blink integrates seamlessly with your existing O365, Sharepoint and Google Suite platforms. Blink can sit alongside your current Intranet, or replace it as your internal communications app.

We combine calendars, automatically provision users and enable single sign-on. Enterprise IT never worked this well before.

Integrate with O365, Sharepoint and G-Suite

Not just mobile. Desktop apps and browser portal too

Blink isn’t just for mobile workers. Blink includes a browser based portal and native desktop apps for Windows and Mac.

Your users can sign-up using a mobile phone number or email address. We even make rollout super simple - choose between SMS invites (with a special magic link), email invites or print out individual codes.

For office staff, our Windows desktop app supports Transparent Authentication; so your users don’t even need to log-in! Now that’s clever.

Not just mobile. Desktop apps and browser portal too

How is an employee app different to a mobile intranet?

The average Blink user opens the app 6 times per day. 81% open the app every day. This is because we're not a mobile website, or a website turned into an app.

Blink is designed to be signifficantly simpler, more intuitive and easier to use than existing solutions. And yet, more powerful.

If you’re looking for an Internal Comms app, Intranet app, Employee Engagement app or mobile Intranet, Blink can help.

How is an employee app different to a mobile intranet?

On average our customers see a 5x improvement in the reach and engagement with corporate communications

You can have the best content in the world, but if you’re not delivering it in the way people want, they won’t engage. Replace your legacy intranet with a modern employee app and portal today.

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