The Blink Approach

We believe that Employee Engagement isn't something that you 'do', but something that you earn. And the way that you earn it is through delivering a great Employee Experience day after day.

That's why our app isn't just about engagement and communication, but delivers a transformative way to go to work. Here's how.

"Blink is the best part of my morning!"

Jill Clifford · Carer

The three steps to real frontline engagement


With access to the tools, information and inspiration the frontline needs, Blink takes away complexity and makes day-to-day life easier and more efficient for the whole team.


Through company-wide channels or connecting one-to-one, Blink is an instant, reliable way to connect with your teams


Get the insight and data you need to be able to be proactive, with detailed engagement analytics and surveys


app opens a day on average


average Monthly Engaged Users


Increase in employee survey response

What makes Blink different?

Most efforts to connect with the frontline fail because they’re not relevant to frontline life. From intranets to paper memos, these initiatives ask for engagement, but they haven’t earned it.    

So we start with making frontline life easier, putting everything the frontline needs – from paystubs to scheduling and even critical documents – in one easy-to-use app.

The proof is in the engagement: frontline workers open Blink seven times a day.

Case study

Engagement in action: Salutem

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