Internal Communications

Use Blink to make sure everyone pulls in the right direction. It's the fastest and most reliable way to communicate your vision.

Blinks Home tab is your platform

The Home tab is a personal feed of data and workflow that employees start and run their days with. A highly effective place you can use to inform, consult and involve everyone.

Live and pre-recorded exec messages

Embed rich media directly into employee feeds. Played in Blink with a single click, increasing your reach.

A modern employee experience

Stimulate discussion without the risks of social media. Blink encourages professionalism yet remains pleasing to use.

Facilitate in all directions

Manage up, down and across. Create feedback loops with likes, one-click answers, surveys and votes.

Inform Everyone

Reach people at their desks, waiting for a flight or on the factory floor. Blink has apps for all platforms and runs securely on employee personal devices.

The ultimate channel for work

Free up your time to focus on content. Use Blink to reach everyone reliably and quickly without it feeling like an interruption.

1Reach everyone every dayEmployees start and run their days on Blink. A personal feed of calendar, business data and your internal messaging!
3Interact through micro-appsCreate embedded micro-apps to promote campaigns or collect event data. Deploy to a whole organisation with a single click.
5Effective CommunicationInteract directly with employees and open up authentic dialogue. Use Blink Teams to transform the way employees work with each other.
2Support creative contentShare your vision and strategy using rich media directly with your organisation. Embed audio video, images and blog posts into feeds.
4Design FocussedBlink is design focussed and enjoyable to use. It's also powerful and enterprise class. These things are no longer mutually exclusive.
6Raise your profileStakeholders, internal comms and employees all on the same page at last. Measure your impact with easily actionable content.

Blink is a proper platform for work

Blink take data and workflow out of your existing silos and in front of the people who need it. Get your company message across in that same place.

Experience Blink for yourself

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