An internal comms app designed to engage everyone in your company

Blink is the most effective way to inform, consult, and involve frontline workers, in-office staff and remote associates. The result? Maximum employee retention.

Make employee retention a priority

There is no guarantee you’ll be able to find replacements for your best employees, so it makes sense to keep them engaged. Blink lets you build the kind of working relationships that inspire loyalty.

Keep lines of communication open

Employees who feel heard, understood, challenged and valued work harder. With Blink, communication goes both ways, inspiring dedication, motivation and collaboration.

Invest where it counts

The average cost of turnover for a single position is more than double the annual compensation for that position. Blink can help you retain more talent so you save your money for growing your business.

Build Relationships to Retain Your Best People

People leave management, not companies. When it comes to employee retention, having a strong vision is only the first step. Your next move should be prioritizing employee engagement.

Your employees need to know that you value their presence, believe they can succeed, and see that they are contributing something that matters. They need to see that there are development and advancement opportunities in your organization. And they need to know that their voices will be heard.

That’s where Blink can help. And it’s more than just an employee app! It’s a platform where strong relationships are built through communication, motivation and trust.

Blink works everywhere, for everyone

Your workforce can get the information they need when they need it via mobile, browser or native desktop apps on Mac and Windows. When frustration goes down, employee satisfaction goes up.


Inspire Loyalty

When your workforce feels a connection to the company, they’re more motivated to contribute. Blink builds stronger connections between tiers and teams through communication.


Retain with tech

Research shows that 85% of workers who have access to great technology at work also report loving their jobs. Blink’s employee engagement app integrates your existing tech into one easy-to-use platform.


Enhance internal comms

Employees stick around when they know their contributions matter and that their opinions count. With Blink, it’s easier than ever to show your workforce how valuable they are.


Help employees grow

Video games and free lunches are good. Opportunities for growth are better. Blink lets you communicate opportunities for professional development to the right people.


Promote engagement

Employee engagement not only positively affects performance outcomes, but also significantly improves profitability, productivity and employee retention. Blink is an all-in-one engagement solution.


Enable success at every level

When you give your workers a clearly defined purpose and the tools they need to meet their goals, they’ll work harder. Blink makes your vision more visible and also acts as a storehouse for company assets.

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