Driving change on the frontline.

Our client wanted to improve employee satisfaction with the Front Line workers; their 21,000 bus drivers. The drivers are key to delivering customer satisfaction, vital in a competitive industry like the buses. New tools like Blink can enable organizations to not only open up a direct dialogue with their Front Line workers, but also give them access to the right information at the right time, making their lives easier, and making them feel more appreciated. The end result is a happier, more productive workforce.

The challenge.

Recruiting bus drivers is competitive, and training new bus drivers is expensive. An employee satisfaction survey gave our client the tangible evidence they needed to invest in improving internal communication.

They took a number of steps, from creating a dedicated Internal Communications Manager role to reviewing the tools being used. They found the existing Intranet was suffering from low engagement, especially amongst the key Front Line workers they wanted to reach.

The pilot.

The customer looked at all of the available options, including a mobile intranet app from their existing Intranet provider. They approached Blink, and after a quick demo, we moved forward to engage in a formal Proof of Concept.

The Proof of Concept involved 500 bus drivers for a 4 week period, with launch events in the two chosen bus depots, including one depot with no engagement with the existing Intranet.

The Proof of Concept was a huge success. In the last week, 89% of drivers opened the app an average of 6 times each day. Content from Internal Comms was delivered to each driver’s personalised feed. Engagement in the form of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ increased many times. A survey of drivers at the end of the pilot showed 100% of them would recommend Blink to a colleague.

The result.

The results of the pilot surprised even us - to change in culture at each depot was tangible. Blink has been rolled out to all 21,000 bus drivers on the back of the fantastic feedback from the pilot participants and it continues to be an employee favorite across the whole organization.

"Blink is a compendium of information. It's probably going to be the most important tool that we have. Blink has made my job easier. It's been a godsend."

Peter Daly · Driver, Stagecoach

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