De-risk your employee app project.

Build internal support with a Proof of Concept. It’s a fast, simple and effective way to get everyone excited about the possibilities of a more innovative approach. We will help you soft launch Blink to a target group of employees from different stakeholder groups, agree on the measurable success criteria, and, if you decide to proceed, build a business case with you. This is our tried and tested method and the best way to make sure Blink is right for you and your frontline employees.

Managed joint delivery.

Blink will manage and deliver a proof of concept with your team and working closely with your frontline workers. We have experience working with unions and a wide variety of users.

Our Engagement Manager will work with your chosen group of users and stakeholders including IT, Security, HR and Internal Comms to ensure success.

We’ll agree onthe success criteria that matters to you, so you can measure progress and build a business case.

The approach.

Together we’ll identify a representative group of users to pilot Blink. We’ll engage the local management teams to upload content and tailor the experience for their needs. We’ll provide co-branded posters, leaflets and swag such as pens, sweets and lanyards. We’ll ensure local stakeholders and staff are excited to be involved in testing a potential new solution.

For the pilot, Blink doesn’t require any integration work or technical assistance, but we will engage with your Security and IT teams to ensure everyone is happy.

At the end of the pilot, there is no obligation to continue with Blink.

Business case.

Optionally, at the end of the pilot, we’ll be happy to assist in putting together the business case. This includes working with you to develop the best rollout approach and estimating the total project costs. We can also share several ROI (Return on Investment) models, that ensure the business benefit of the project is clear.

Our methods.

We're proud of our proven track record when it comes to running a successful Proof of Concept. Read on to find out about how we help you at every stage of the process and deliver success with incredible engagement.

Breaking industry standards.

In a survey by Prescient Digital Media, only 13% of employees reported participating in their intranet daily and 31% said they never do.

Blink has achieved unparalleled levels of engagement from day one of a proof of concept and this number only continues to grow throughout the process with an average of 84% of people opening the app daily. As if that wasn't enough, Blink is opened on average 10 times a day by all users. Both numbers only continue to grow as more people join the platform.

Dedicated Engagement Manager

Blink is a new way of working; launching a pilot requires commitment, organization and momentum. Allow our experienced team to guide you through the process from inception to completion.

Demos & Presentation

Projects like these have a number of stakeholders – each with an important voice. The pilot will ensure the value of Blink is understood in the board room and on the shop floor.

Pre-pilot visit

Visiting, observing and learning how the pilot site operates is crucial for success; transforming the business starts by understanding the business.

Managed Launch

In addition to planning the pilot, the Blink team will run also run the launch. It’s important to create excitement and a neutral presence can help facilitate this; this is not just an app, this is Blink.

Weekly progress calls

Strong communication is super important to show how the pilot is tracking against our predefined success criteria.

Briefing calls

IT/Security/HR/Comms/Ops each have a stake to hold and a role to play; the Blink team ensures each of these teams are engaged, supported and enabled to realise the project’s potential.

End of pilot report & presentation

Expect both quantitative and qualitative analysis to demonstrate ROI; the post pilot report will help form the foundations of your business case.

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