Bring digital transformation to the frontline

Delivering efficiency and high productivity in a time of labor shortage means that it's more important than ever to accelerate digitalization.

With Blink's frontline app, you can finally abandon the manual processes that cost your business both time and money, such as in-person briefings or paper-based communications.

"Blink has completely revolutionized how we work with our frontline colleagues. By enabling us to communicate freely and efficiently, it’s broken down the barrier between management and the frontline, creating a vibrant and open culture that encourages us all to do our best work. We couldn’t imagine a world without Blink."

John Roxburgh · Head of Operations, Go North West


Fill every shift

Make sure that services and goods are delivered on time and to high standards so that you reap the benefits of repeat business and referrals.

With Blink, not only can you advertise open shifts and fill them quickly so that service levels are consistent, but you can deliver the kind of employee engagement that ensures a job well done.


Meet and exceed safety standards

Health and safety is where no leader can afford to compromise. However, this is exactly where frontline organizations are held back by not having a smart, efficient means of delivering critical communications.

Use Blink's Feed and Mandatory Reads in order to not only ensure that important health and safety information is delivered, but also that it's seen and heard.

"The very thing that I thought was going to complicate my life has actually simplified it. "

Amy Sutton, Personal Care Attendant · Elara Caring


Stop the 'leaky bucket' of turnover

Frontline worker turnover is debilitating, impacting service levels and driving huge recruitment costs.

But highly-engaged business units achieve a 43% difference in turnover. With Blink, leaders finally have the opportunity to establish connection with every frontline worker in order to drive employee engagement and increase retention.

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