Connect with every frontline worker, every day

Overcome the daily struggle of being able to reliably connect to frontline workers, no matter where they are or what they're up to.

With Blink, you can bring the whole company onto a single, mobile-first app - even if they don't have a company email address.

The average Blink user opens the app seven times a day, so your messages can get exposure like never before. Use Blink's Feed to deliver information at scale or enable teams and groups to connect privately via Chats, so that the whole company is finally connected.

"If you want to be ahead of the curve in how you handle internal communications, Blink is absolutely the way to do it."

Christi Krizman · Promises Behavioural Healthcare


Capture interest with a familiar experience

Successfully introducing new forms of internal communication means having to deliver an enjoyable, easy-to-use experience. For frontline workers who don't regularly access technology, this can be challenging.

Blink makes this easy by delivering an experience based on the familiar and intuitive interfaces of social media platforms. This way, every user can enjoy engaging time and time again.

"We used to have an intranet, which was very old, dilapidated, and wasn't loved very much because it was clunky to use...Since Blink's been introduced, engagement has shot through the roof across the business."

Ricky Sicklemore, HR Technology Manager · Stagecoach

Have comms acknowledged

Ensure critical communications make it through

When you have urgent or critical messages, such as health and safety announcements or new policies, you can now track whether your message has been seen by every frontline worker.

With Mandatory Reads on Blink, you can create an audit log showing the time and date of each message's receipt, as well as deliver in-app reminders and push notifications to ensure that nothing gets missed.

"Blink streamlines communication and gives staff the opportunity to talk to us "

Nathan Ward · Performance and Development Manager · Stagecoach


Deliver communications in any format

Blink makes sure your strategies get cut-through by enabling you to deliver communications in a wide range of formats.

- Using the Hub, you can make documents such as policies and guides easy-to-access on demand

- Using the Feed, you can deliver video messages as well as text and images to drive engagement

- Use Surveys to get instant feedback on how your strategies are performing across the whole organization

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