Feature spotlight: Protected Content

Keep your confidential content safe and secure


Everyone needs a little privacy sometimes… Including your company – and its content!

The digital world has drastically changed how we access information. It’s never been easier to download and share confidential information – or harder to track the culprit. While no one will never be to guarantee 100% privacy, measures can be taken to eliminate the risk (almost entirely).

Protected content is one of them.

We designed this feature to help keep your information secure and prevent data leaks, confidentiality breaches and even competitor infringement. This helps you relax in the knowledge that confidential content is only ever viewed by its intended audience, allowing you to focus on more important things.

Just think of us as your digital security guard…

What is protected content?

Protected does exactly what it says on the tin; ensures only certain people can see certain things. Limiting content to its intended audience is a must-have for anything potentially sensitive, such as:

  • Private policies
  • Company data
  • Employee data
  • Recruitment information
  • Company funding

How does protected content work?

When your employees try to access certain content in the Blink Hub, they’ll be asked to confirm their identity – either through biometric authentication (think fingerprint or facial recognition scan), or another form of secure authentication (like a password or pin).

When a user tries to access protected content, here’s what (might) happen.

  • Identity is confirmed; authentication is successful. Open sesame!
  • Authentication is unsuccessful because the user doesn’t have security methods (such as a password, pin, finger or facial scan) enabled on their phone. They will be asked to secure their device.
  • Identity is confirmed but the user is restricted from viewing the content. They will be redirected back to the Hub.

What does protected content look like?

Like its name, protected content is suitably mysterious.

It looks exactly like everything else in the Hub – it’s just marked with a little fingerprint icon and a ‘Protected’ label.

How do I protect content?

Securing your content on Blink couldn’t be easier. Just find the content you want to protect in the Hub and click the ‘···’ menu. Click the option that says ‘Protect Content’. And… that’s it.

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