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Introducing Surveys on Blink: a new survey tool that's frontline first


Blink. And your finger’s on the pulse.

Say hello to Surveys from Blink: the quick and easy way to gain actionable feedback from your frontline workforce, helping you deliver your best employee experience.

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Solving a uniquely frontline issue

The frontline connection gap — a failure to enable frontline workers to communicate with the same ease, scale, and speed as desk-based workers — is real, and so too are the risks it carries. But closing it is easier than you might think.

With Blink’s new in-app survey tool, you can create a connected workplace culture by getting real-time data from your employees themselves.

What’s so powerful about surveys through Blink?

Employee survey tools like Peakon and CultureAmp made it easy for leaders of desk-based teams to access employee engagement insights. But for frontline organizations, it’s a very different story:

  • Paper problems: many frontline workers are still asked to complete paper surveys, which are easy to ignore and even easier to lose  
  • Desktop friction: completing online surveys using a shared desktop terminal or tablet demands time from a frontline worker’s busy shift — and there are only so devices to share around
  • One too many tools: even when frontline workers are given mobile access to survey tools, many still struggle with the complexity of bad user experience and a new set of log-in details to remember 

All of this leads to incredibly low response rates, which make for datasets that aren’t insightful or actionable. That’s what Blink has set out to solve.

Introducing Surveys on Blink

Surveys are now available to use on Blink’s frontline app, transforming your ability to capture crucial information from your frontline teams. It’s incredibly simple to use:

  1. Select your target audience
  2. Choose a best-in-class survey format
  3. Launch to your frontline in minutes (one-question surveys can be live in 30 seconds!)
  4. See your findings within Blink’s Frontline Intelligence reports

What kind of surveys can you run?

  • Employee engagement surveys – engaged employees are more productive and loyal. Find out how engaged your teams are today and how you can improve their experience
  • Pulse survey – ask one burning question frequently to track changes and identify patterns
  • 0-10 eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) – get a ‘North Star’ metric for your employee engagement
  • Onboarding surveys – the first few months of a new starter’s journey are critical, and these types of surveys reveal whether the process is running as it should.

Every single answer in a Blink survey is anonymous — and that anonymity is made clear to your frontline workers. This ensures they have the confidence to be candid and, in turn, means that you get a true read on current performance with clear opportunities for improvement.

How Blink triples your survey response rate

Our customers have seen their response rates increase by 300% by using Blink to deliver them. Here’s why it works:

  • We’re mobile-first. With Surveys on Blink, you can transition away from paper surveys and shared desktops to having surveys appear seamlessly in the palm of every frontline employee’s hand
  • It’s all-in-one. Decrease the friction caused by having to remember another password by embedding your in one frontline app
  • Surveys are co-located with the other tools your frontline needs. Unless you make life easier for the frontline you can’t expect them to engage. With Blink, you’re delivering exactly what the frontline needs — from paystubs to scheduling and access to critical documents. This means your surveys are in an app that gets opened an average of seven times a day
  • Guaranteed anonymity. By offering anonymity, frontline workers feel safer giving genuine feedback, leading to better quality results

What’s next?

If you’re interested in getting started with Surveys on Blink, either talk to your Customer Success partner or request a Demo.

In the coming months, we’ll be announcing even more data-focused features to help you better understand your frontline, empowering your 2023 strategies with insight. Stay tuned!

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