Feature spotlight: Dynamic Teams


For organizations with hundreds or even thousands of employees, making sure that everyone always has access to the correct tools and information can be time-consuming. If you’re the person responsible for this, you’ve most definitely got more impactful work you could be doing.

We wanted to free up that time for you, and today we’re thrilled to announce the solution.

Dynamic Teams is a simple to use, rule-based engine that, once set up, means users will be automatically added and removed from a team as they join and leave the company or move from one job to another.

Dynamic teams can save you hours

One of our clients summed it up perfectly:

“Dynamic Teams helps admins maintain Team memberships. For example, today, when someone joins our company, we must remember to manually add that user to the relevant teams. Dynamic teams mean I never have to do that again!”

Enable Dynamic Teams, and you won’t have to worry about updating Team ever again!

Find out how to set up Dynamic Teams here.

Watch Mike, our Senior Backend Developer, explain this further…

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