Employee creating content on the internal communication app

How to create useful and engaging content on an employee app

So you’ve launched an employee app. Here’s your guide to sharing content that facilitates the flow of information and boosts engagement.


71% of executives say that employee engagement is crucial for business success. No surprise there. If your workers are not engaged, they can’t make great products or support customers. 

So how do you improve employee engagement? One of the best ways is to use an employee app. It gives you a platform to create and share important information with your workers in an engaging way.

When you create compelling content and share it at the right times with an employee app, you don’t just improve engagement, but also unite your employees to meet shared goals.

But if you’ve recently launched an employee app at your workplace, creating and distributing content regularly can seem daunting. It doesn’t have to be this way. This post will look at the two most common communication channels in an employee app and what types of content you can create for both.

Employee app newsfeed vs. live chat

An employee app gives you multiple ways to share information among employees, two of which are:

  • A social media-style newsfeed
  • Group-based or one-on-one live chat (aka instant messaging)

Both are reliable and efficient communication channels, but they are best suited for different types of communication.

The social-media-style newsfeed is best for sharing information and updates with a team, department, or whole organization. Newsfeed updates are usually meant for mass consumption by a large audience, like the below update from McDonald’s.

Celebration on employee app

You can post a social media update to:

  • Publicize shift opportunities
  • Communicate weather alerts
  • Recognize or appreciate a team or worker
  • Share a company milestone
  • Celebrate a birthday or work anniversary
  • Share important advice and training resources
  • Announce social events and activities

In contrast, live chats are highly conversational and great for asking and answering questions in real time. They are typically focused on a specific issue for a specific person or group. For example, you can initiate a live chat to:

  • Raise an issue or concern with a team member
  • Discuss personal development with a team member
  • Share personal information with individuals
  • Share sensitive documentation with team members
  • Share schedules with attendants
  • Share patient information or documents with managers

Plus, live chat messages can only be seen by the individual or group they were addressed to. The privacy offered by this channel makes it preferable for confidential or sensitive information.

Best employee app content ideas

The content you post in your employee app will depend on your communication goals and strategy, but here are some engaging ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Urgent update

Is an important date coming soon? Are your workers not following a protocol? Or is there a crisis?

If you have a critical update to share with your employees, you can use the Priority Category to publish a post that’ll stay on the top of the feed. Here’s an example:

Urgent update on employee app

Keep the content concise, so it can be understood quickly. Also, try to use visuals if possible, as they present information in a more appealing and memorable way than the written word.

Holiday/cultural celebration

Is your organization about to conduct a town hall? Or are you getting ready for the upcoming Christmas party? Use the employee app to educate workers and make them aware of future events.

When sending such an update, make sure the event is relevant to your employees, and invite them to share their comments. They should feel heard and celebrated. Also, give a detailed breakdown of what will happen and when. You can even use a festive design template to spice up your message.

Company update

What changes should the workers be gearing up for? Are you launching a new product, service, or initiative? Expanding to a new location? These company updates are interesting to all the employees, especially when they come directly from the CEO.

When sharing a company update, put up a clear heading and detailed copy. Here also, visuals make a good impact. For example, instead of telling workers how sales have grown, show off the numbers with charts and graphs.

Employee poll

Conduct a short employee survey or poll with the employee app. It’s convenient for everyone and helps you get the pulse of your company.

When you ask workers for their opinion, you also involve them in decision-making. And this makes them feel valued. But make sure to have a deadline so everyone can chime in within a timeframe!

Just for fun

An employee app isn’t just for serious communication. Inject some fun into your feed with light-hearted posts and competitions to generate engagement.

Contest on employee app

Some ideas include:

  • Guess the manager’s baby photo
  • Prize for the best picture of your lunch.
  • Curated Spotify playlist
  • Coloring competition
  • Naming competitions
  • Quote of the day
  • Best sunrise selfie
  • Flashback Friday
  • Favorite memory of a colleague
  • Sports team post
  • Team pictures

Mental health/well-being posts

Do you provide reduced-price gym memberships or mental health counseling? Or are there any other company-sponsored wellness benefits?

Posting updates related to employees’ well-being shows them that you care about their health. So, create content that reminds employees to catch a break, meditate, enroll in the company’s EAP program, or practice a mental health technique. 

Recognition posts

Recognizing your workers for life events is a big part of engaging them. So use the employee app to post milestones, birthdays, work anniversaries, or even just to thank someone for doing a great job.

Video content

The use of videos on social media has exploded in the past few years. Video clips are more engaging than plain text. And there’s no reason you can’t create them for internal communication.

Video content on employee app

For example, you can record a video of the CEO welcoming new employees, or feature the accomplishments of a team. But keep them short and sweet. People are less likely to watch a video for more than 3-4 minutes. There are a plethora of available video editors you can choose from to do this easily.

New employee spotlight

Another way to capitalize on the employee app is to welcome new employees or to put the spotlight on current workers. Highlight an employee every week or month, and share information about their position, history, and interests. This will make the worker feel special and bring teams closer together.

Employee spotlight on employee app

Employee app content calendar template

Got some ideas flowing? Great. Now it’s time to establish your communication frequency and cadence. That is, the content of each message, when and how many times it be shared, and how.

Having a calendar in advance, with all your communication planned out, can save a lot of time and make things more efficient. Here’s a handy template you can use to make the planning process even easier.

And if you like, you can create your own spreadsheet or use any calendar software to create a content plan in the format that best suits your organization and communication goals.

How often should you post in the newsfeed?

Posting too often can cause many workers to tune out of the newsfeed and miss the most important messages while posting too less can decrease engagement. So you want to strike a balance. For best results, we recommend posting at least twice a day.

Final thoughts on creating content for an employee app

As you can see, there’s a variety of content you can create on an employee app, depending on your communication objectives. But no matter what you share, it should always be interesting, relevant, and engaging. And having an internal communication style guide can help you keep it that way.

So use these ideas to keep your employee app’s newsfeed fun and engaging. The more value you provide in every content update, the more your workers will look forward to reading your posts.

And if you haven’t already, consider using Blink as your preferred employee app. It can give your content the platform it deserves for maximum reach and engagement. Get a free demo today.