Feature spotlight: Colleague Recognition


It’s a human thing.

If someone acknowledges and appreciates what we do, we do better. If someone remembers our birthday, or anniversary, or another date that matters, we feel valued.

This is particularly true in organisations, and research backs this up. Positive affirmation makes employees thrive. One recent study showed that 80% of UK employees surveyed saw feeling appreciated as the main driver of workplace happiness – ahead of trust (and salary!) Sadly, less than half of the same group did actually feel appreciated. 

Appreciating or congratulating someone should be easy. But the trick is (a) to remember and (b) to act on it – even when you’re busy, which is probably just about always.

You asked for a quick, easy way to make your employees feel valued in a meaningful, personalized way. So, we built something that does just that. We’ve called it Colleague Recognition (AKA Kudos).

Anything worth remembering, recognising, celebrating … you can now mark on the Blink newsfeed in seconds, on your mobile or your laptop. Here’s how.

  • Start by adding the feature to the Blink Hub through the admin portal, and convert it into a quick link.
  • When you want to recognize or appreciate an employee, click or tap ‘colleague recognition.’ You’ll see a number of options, eg thank you; you’re a star; work anniversary; congratulations. You can customize those.   
  • Personalize your recognition with any notes. Then choose the individual or team (or both) that you want to share this with.  
  • Preview and send. You can still edit after posting.

Ta da! That’s how simple it now is to make someone feel valued or noticed. It’s free and doesn’t take much time. Anyone can do it, and anyone (employees, colleagues, bosses) can be appreciated this way.

When managers lead the way, a culture of appreciation spreads more quickly. Try it today. Small, meaningful expressions of gratitude throughout your workforce will make a difference. Acknowledgement, recognition, appreciation – let’s make it contagious.