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For most organisations, navigating the pandemic meant re-thinking internal comms. Because there was no way around it: the only way to lead people through radical change is through a culture of participation and dialogue. With the clean slate of a new year at our fingertips, it’s a the perfect time to continue shifting away from ‘top-down and corporate’ towards ‘inclusive and conversational’.

But as most of you know, while that sounds simple in principle, it’s not always easy in practice. How do you balance professionalism with vulnerability? How do you deliver bad news empathetically? How do you rebuild trust when it’s been broken? If anyone can answer these questions, it’s Jenni Field and Craig Smith.

Jenni Field, renowned internal communications thought leader, will share her framework for authentic leadership. Craig Smith, expert comms consultant, will explain the practical ways you can get your employees invested in your company’s Big Picture.

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