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August Product Update


August has been a full month of feedback collection and feature releases. With our latest Beta testing group, we’ve been able to collect your feedback quicker, and deliver even more things you need to improve your Blink experience (“BX”!). We’re excited to share what’s been happening this month!

  • Export Analytics

    We know you want to be able to export analytics to spot important patterns and trends. This is now possible with Frontline Intelligence! Watch this short video from our last Backstage with Blink to see how it works.
  • New poll options

    After making poll options look more colourful on iOS, we’re also increasing the number of poll options to six to make sure that you can cover more options when launching polls. This is available across Web, iOS and Android.
  • Scheduling posts using Aliases

    It is now possible to view scheduled posts for a specific Alias, giving you more visibility on your content calendar.
  • Feed post notifications

    Feed post notifications are now linked to their specific categories to give you a preview on what’s going on in your Feed. Know what to expect when checking your notifications!

  • Carousel

    Carousel was launched to help you make Feed posts stand out, as feedback told us that content can sometimes get lost. Today, Carousel only shows the first line of a post across all platforms, to make sure that the main information is shared quickly, and to avoid blurred sentences in your Feed. Carousel on Web has also been given some extra love to improve the colour selection… Try it now!

  • Post analytics

    Post analytics are now available in one place to allow quick access to all the data you need, at the right time and in the right place.

  • Job Titles in Comments

    Comments now display Job Titles to make sure that you’re not replying to John Doe from Marketing, but John Doe from Engineering.

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

    We worked on DLP to ensure your content is protected in Hub. This was built to prevent users from downloading sensitive files and sharing them externally.

  • Reporting content

    To ensure you’re not reporting the wrong content, we’ve launched an extra step to ask you to confirm before reporting posts. This is now available to help you moderate the right content, at the right time.

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