Product roundup: Summer 2021


Welcome to our autumn 2021 product update.

We release updates on new features – big or small – every fortnight. We want to keep you in the loop about everything we build.

Enter our Product Portal, which puts the ball in your court: tell us what you want to see next, vote on features, and give us feedback.

In response to you, we’ve just released four new features that we’ve been working on for the past three months. All highly requested and hotly anticipated – we can’t wait for you to give them a spin.

SCIM Group Sync 

Setting up users and teams can be a challenge for Blink administrators, and keeping all of them up-to-date can be a headache.

So roll in SCIM. In a nutshell, SCIM is an open standard that automates user and group provisioning – in other words, onboarding and offboarding staff. It is supported by smart tools like Okta and Azure AD, meaning you can pull in existing users and groups from those tools into Blink, seamlessly. SCIM makes team management way, way easier.  

Follow/Unfollow posts

This is a new way of tailoring the notifications you receive from us.

Previously, we only notified you about any likes or comments on a post if you were the sender or a commenter. You told us that you wanted more control over these notifications, both in terms of reducing ones that aren’t relevant to you and opting into new ones.  

So we’ve improved this process for you. You can now select to follow, or unfollow, a post. If you haven’t posted or commented but still want to be kept in the loop, press that follow button. If you’re no longer interested in getting notifications from a particular post, just unfollow it.

Filter posts by sender  

Imagine you want to find a post your colleague sent a while back. You can’t remember what was in it, or the date it was posted. And you don’t want to search and scroll endlessly…

‘Filter post by sender’ will sort this for you. It lets you filter posts by who sent them –  which person, which team, which group.

On-Demand Translation

This is arguably our most exciting new feature. Multilingualism is beautiful, and different languages and cultures make the world a special place. But a multi-lingual workforce can be hard to manage, especially when you’re trying to communicate something fast.

Our app has been available in over ten languages for a while, and users can set up in-app copy (i.e. copy produced by Blink) to their preferred language. But what about pages, comments and conversations written by other team members who don’t share that first language?  

Meet On-Demand Translation. In one click, this feature translates it all, into one of over 100 languages, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. Just tap the new ‘translate’ label underneath the post, comment or page. The translation will include any formatting, images or emojis.  

If your language of choice isn’t already on our list, please contact our Customer Success team.  

Looking forward, together. 

If you have questions or feedback, reach out to our Customer Success team.

We’ve got TONS of exciting stuff coming up just around the corner. If you want to hear about it, contact our Product Director, Laurence Carver, directly here. He loves hearing from you.  

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