Feature spotlight: Relevant Comments


One of the challenges we encounter regularly in frontline organizations is that managers are struggling with workload. And when managers aren’t in a position to perform, it can have devastating knock-on effects across critical metrics such as turnover, hiring and efficiency.

A big part of what Blink does is to help make the manager’s day job easier and more impactful – and today we’re releasing a new feature that helps them even more.

Relevant Comments in Blink has been launched to help managers sort the ‘signal’ from the ‘noise’, flagging up the most important comments on Feed posts so that they can address them quicker and easier.

It works by showing a symbol on comments based on location and department, to give managers a quick way to see what’s been posted by their teams:

Even when there might not be any!

This is the next step in how Blink is making it easier to created a connected frontline organization – read this article to see how it works.

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