Feature spotlight: Blink Super Powers


Empowering our customers is a key thing we love to do at Blink.

We want you to be your own hero on Blink, which is why you can choose from a bunch of Super Powers to make your Chats more fun, playful and engaging.

Why stop at sharing images and multi media when you can do more?

Here’s a few things you can do:

  • Confetti 🎉 here’s a video explaining how to do it.
  • Tea round 🫖 just because… why not asking someone to get the next round of tea? (or coffee!)
  • Coin toss 💰 to add a bit of challenge to in your team…

  • Sharing your address 📍 if you’re a bus driver trying to locate a depot or colleague 🚌
  • Starting a meeting (via Zoom or Google Meeting) so that you don’t have to schedule a calendar meeting if something urgent comes up.

Try them out!

You can either do this by pressing the ” + ” button at the left of the reply bar, or you can also type ” /confetti” directly in your Chat.

Here’s how it all works.

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