Blink is excellent value for money

We’ll start with one of the most obvious differentiator between Blink and Unily: the price point. Granted, Unily offers a powerful and extensive set of features that your internal communications team would find useful, but these come at a cost. Packages start at $4,995.00 per month, and whilst this might be a decent value proposition if you’re a global company with a huge workforce, it does put Unily out of reach budget-wise for many HR departments. 

Blink is one of the best value alternatives to Unily, with plans starting at US$3.40 (£2.65) per user per month. Our entry level tier offers you a range of useful mobile-based internal communications features that can offer a 330% increase in employee engagement, based on data from our current clients. 

Blink offers speedy, responsive support

Unily’s support is known to be patchy. Responses to tickets can take a while to come through, and online reviewers frequently flagged up the fact that they had to resubmit support tickets several times before any acknowledgement of their problem - sometimes over the course of weeks. 

If you’re looking for alternatives to Unily with a faster support offering, it’s worth keeping Blink in mind. We pride ourselves on our first-class support offering, and guarantee 12/7 support even on our entry-level tiers, with premium 24/7 support on offer if needed. Speedy recognition of issues, regular updates on progress and satisfactory resolution are major priorities for us. 

Blink provides excellent document management tools

Blink is one of the top Unily competitors for document management. Our Content Management Hub provides an easily searchable and accessible document depository, which your workforce can use to quickly locate essential documents, such as procedures, policies, manuals and equipment order forms.

Unily does offer document storage (and plenty of it) but the main issue is that it’s difficult to locate the document you want - particularly if there is a lot of document content onsite. The search function doesn’t always operate intuitively, and online reviews suggest that issues with search metadata require a good deal of manual input to solve. 

You can integrate Blink with older versions of key business software

Unily offers an excellent range of integrations. One of the only downsides here is that sometimes, their software isn’t compatible with older versions of key business tools. For example, the document management tools can’t support early versions of SharePoint - they are only compatible with the online package. More generally there is a sense that Unily assumes that your workplace is at the cutting edge of every new technology out there - not a bad thing inherently, but you may be pushed to keep up at points. 

In this particular example, Blink offers compatibility with back editions of SharePoint, making it a great alternative to Unily for companies who might not be running on the latest versions of everything at the moment. Blink offers you the flexibility to keep your current IT infrastructure intact and upgrade when it bests suits you.

Blink offers hassle free publication

Blink works like a social feed, publication-wise. It’s fast, convenient, and you have access to a full range of administrative tools without having to go through any super complex processes to do so. Post your update into the right channel, select your post preferences (e.g featured post, mandatory reading) and that’s mostly all there is to it. 

Blink is an agile, mobile optimized alternative to Unily in this respect. Unily offers it users the more traditional approach of intranet management using a CMS. In addition to being a slower process inherently, Unily’s CMS is reputationally glitchy, with several online reviewers mentioning bugs in their system that were fixed slowly, if at all.

Blink is easier to customize than Unily

Unily offers some scope for personalization and customization, but to get the most out of these options you’ll need HTML, CSS and sometimes JavaScript knowledge. Without this skill set readily available, you may find yourself either paying extra for customization or being stuck with the out of the box settings that the software comes with. 

Blink is a good Unily alternative for those who need to customize their internal communications app but don’t have ready access to development talent (or who don’t want to shell out for external customization services). Customization is code minimal, and organizations can extensively brand the app as their own, which helps with both initial employee buy-in and creating that engagement with the workplace you’re looking for.

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